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Kenya Moore

Bitch Fight With Porsha

Hard to Watch

4/24/2014 6:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kenya Moore told our photog ... the epic "Real Housewives of Atlanta" brawl between Porsha Williams and herself was "disgusting" to watch on TV.

Kenya was tight-lipped on Porsha's glamorous mug shot -- taken after she was criminally charged with battery, but she did say she'd love to see her nemesis replaced with someone less violent.

It's also interesting how she responds to the $64K question ... whether she'll return to the show next season.

Bitch fights ... they're just awesome.


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Kenya, you're a fake an a phoney go bac to California, where this is normal behavior, lol! Face, your mouth got you a well deserved Georgia ass whooping, end of story!

183 days ago


Andy C an Bravo should be sued because they allowed Kenya to bring props on the stage that Porsha should have used as a weapon (I would have). He sat there an smiled at this escalating mean behavior until it exploded into violence for his ratings. You're a real queen bitch Andy Cohen, whereever you are!!

183 days ago


This nasty "woman" actually calls herself a role model to young women; the sad part is I think she really believes she is. What she really is, is a disgusting sorry excuse for a woman. A true woman would never act like she did on that stage yelling in someones face through a bullhorn; a young girl maybe, but never a woman. As it's been stated, she's nothing but a bully who LOVES to play the victim.

183 days ago


You deserved it.

183 days ago


I hope she was disgusted by her own antagonistic behavior!

183 days ago


The problem will always be with Kenya. She is incapable of getting along with anyone. She is such a mean, nasty, horrible person who does nothing but push buttons to see what kind of reaction she can get. That's exactly what she did towards each of the other women on the reunion show. The one who broke first was porsha. It could have been any of them. That's exactly what Kenya was shooting for. A violent reaction. She got it and is now crying the victim.

183 days ago

Hot Dumb Italian Mike    

I know a guy that works on a "Real Housewives......" Guess what? Everything about these shows is completely fake. My buddy already embarrassed to work on this show but says it pays good!

183 days ago


Good to see you have been booted from Apprentice. What an annoyance. Only crazies are supporting you

183 days ago


I don't get it how its poor Porsha this and that. I recalled Porsha playing her part throughout the seasons too. Taunting Kenya about her "fake "relationships (true or not) and name calling like "bye ashy". How is it that Kenya is the only one labled "the bully" when they all confronted Porsha on her relationship with Kordel?! I guess hypocrisy is everything to Porsha. She rather to surround herself with ladies who talks openly about her ignorance behind her back, than 'THE ONE' that say things to her face. Kenya has a thick skin and Posha doesn't. Porsha was gunning for the show down. Granted anyone would be annoyed by the blow horn; however Porsha was determined that she was gonna have the last say. Kenya gave her a chance to speak nonetheless when Kenya tried to give her 'two sense' , Porsha wouldn't allow her and that's when the blow horn cameout. In my opinion at that point Porsha should have shut the hell up and allow Kenya to speak. That would have been the end of the blow horn.

183 days ago


Kenya started the whole thing!! Fire her!! I have no sympathy for bullies!!

183 days ago


Wander if her feelings got hurt when she got beat but everyone ran to check on Porsha. Probably couldn't care less.

183 days ago

boo boo    

When you stir up trouble, eventually you get a beat down. Watching your butt get handed to you can be hard to watch...especially when you know you deserved it.

183 days ago

summer days    

I don't get everyone sticking up got Porsha. She came on the show going on about her perfect marriage and esteemed family. Then her marriage fell apart and turns out she is too dumb to know what the Underground Railroad is. This after she gave Kenya a hard time for being single. So Kenya points out the fact this dumb snotty girl got dumped - and now she is the bully who deserves to get attacked?!

183 days ago


Get rid of Kenya!! This is called real housewives....She is not real and has never been a housewife or even close!

183 days ago

Truffles are Yummy    

Kenya needs to disappear from the show asap. I haven't liked the last 2 seasons and won't watch if she comes back. Psycho trash liar bitch got her ass kicked FINALLY!!

183 days ago
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