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Kenya Moore

Bitch Fight With Porsha

Hard to Watch

4/24/2014 6:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kenya Moore told our photog ... the epic "Real Housewives of Atlanta" brawl between Porsha Williams and herself was "disgusting" to watch on TV.

Kenya was tight-lipped on Porsha's glamorous mug shot -- taken after she was criminally charged with battery, but she did say she'd love to see her nemesis replaced with someone less violent.

It's also interesting how she responds to the $64K question ... whether she'll return to the show next season.

Bitch fights ... they're just awesome.


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I bet you she'll stop bully her for now on and anybody else

159 days ago


Charles I don't know why you find it so hard to believe that Kenya's hair is real. Just because you have weave doesn't mean that all black People do.

159 days ago


Truth .. there was NO fight. Porsha instigated the physical ATTACK ... and Kenya choose NOT to fight back or engage her - and just quietly walked away. No screaming or hitting back.
Kenya is very fit and trained in defense ... and could easily flattened Porsha new double D's into a couple of flat A's ... she got off lucky.

159 days ago

summer days    

Why are people saying Kenya deserved it? Porsha came on the show bragging about her perfect husband and important family. Turns out her marriage is over and she does not even know what the Underground Railroad is. She was the stuck up bully. You are all crazy.

159 days ago


She HAS to return...bum is broke and has nothing else going on. No African prince, no potential baby daddy, no car (loaner), no house (renter) and the Donald is about to kick her to the curb.

159 days ago


Yes she went Crazy!!!! Smh...Kenyon you should not have had that blow horn or that wand.

159 days ago


People are so blind to the main point of view. 1. Reality TV isn't really reality. 2. Kenya and Porsha have taunted each other numerous times throughout the show (all the ladies have) this is their job. They're paid to entertain you (you still watch the show don't you?) Retaliation is how the show stays relevant. 3. How has bullied everyone? What about NeHE (beginning of the season. That's how she made a name for herself.) Or Phony Phaedra (constantly insulting and disrespecting Kenya and NeHE before they were "cool.") If a grown woman lashes out EVERY TIME someone "taunts" her how will she make it in life? People are so darn RUDE. Get over it. If you all say bullying is wrong how is Porsha attacking Kenya not bullying? Might want to check the definition of bullying my dears. 4. The strong stay and the weak leave. Kenya can push people far enough to get a reaction out of them. She is YOUR entertainment. She will do things on camera she wouldn't do off camera (Same as NeHE.) Porsha still has the mind of a young girl therefor making her a easy target. Kenya pushed her and poor Porsha fell right in her trap. (Poor naive little girl.) 5. Kenya is good TV. Every episode who are you talking about? Kenya. You're either saying how much you hate her or how much you love her. She is RELEVANT. You have to look at both sides. Simple as that. #SayNoToViolence

159 days ago


Kenya , you got what you asked for! Hope you aren't on the show any more! You are just a B....!!! Keep your mouth shut or some one else will beat you butt! Karma ,and you got what you asked for!! Try to get a partner, and stay out of other peoples life. Really can't stand YOU. J.

159 days ago


This POS is a ratchet coward

159 days ago


KENYA is hated based on her beauty and intelligence alone. Nene has been the bully since '08, jumping in people"s personal space, choking and pulling hair and now with cosmetic surgery she's dignified.

158 days ago


Oh please - what show did you people watch. Porsha called Kenya out of her name FIRST calling her a whore from the 70s! Words alone should not provoke violence and Porsha started the mud slinging on that round!

158 days ago


Oh please - what show were you watching? Porsha started the name calling with calling Kenya out of her name first calling her a whore from the 70s after she grabbed the scepter and after that Kenya took out the bullhorn. Because everyone hates Kenya's behavior they say she "provoked" it. In this country, words alone cannot provoke violence. Porsha is a dumb gold digger.

158 days ago


Kenya deserved to get monkey stomped. Kenya is a big bully that has only picked on Porsha for both seasons. Porsha had every right,to defend herself as no one should have to tolerate being bullied under any cir***stance. Shame on Andy who saw an opportunity to take advantage of someone (since she,has just gone,through an embarrassing divorce) and the plan backfired!

158 days ago


Kenya is a big muscular woman from DETROIT. She could have killed Porshia very quickly. Really harmed her. She didn't fight back because she has been in show business long enough to know that it wouldn't have been wise to pulverize someone on tv. Plus let us remember, ALL of the Women can say what they want! They get mad cuz Kenya is very good and articulate at communicating what she thinks AND she can do so under pressure. She is better at it than the rest of the women. The other women can bring props..they choose not to. Porshia has said and done things to be slapped for. She insults. Snatching that scepter and throwing it would have made some one jump up and fight her. She is just as confrontational.

158 days ago


Kenya should be fired...Idiot....Sad she can't get a guy, but does anyone wonder why....

157 days ago
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