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Bill O'Reilly

Beyonce Couldn't Care Less

About Young Black Girls Getting Pregnant

4/26/2014 8:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Beyonce doesn't deserve to be on the cover of TIME's 100 most influential people issue ... according to Bill O'Reilly -- who says her raunchy music videos are proof she's a HORRIBLE INFLUENCE!

O'Reilly's beef with Beyonce is no secret ... last month he said the singer negatively influenced teenage "girls of color" with her hyper-sexualized music video "Partition."

Bill re-upped his outrage on Friday while talking about Bey's TIME cover, saying -- "she knows that young girls getting pregnant in the African-American community now is about 70% out of wedlock. She knows and doesn't seem to care."

Of course, no one does bombastic over-reaction like O'Reilly -- but on this issue, we gotta ask ...


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Fred Flintstone     

" Take all of me " ? " I'll be anything you want " .? Doesn't sound self-empowering to me ! Beyonce 's videos and music are soft porn with little or no message . Ho music .

182 days ago


Even though my business is down I try to help anyone I can. If I had a billion dollars I would be setting up programs to help other people and I dont see her or her husband doing that. Not only that I see then break our laws by visiting places like Cuba.

182 days ago


Study: Black Teenage Pregnancy Rates On Sharp Decline

Pregnancy rates among Black teenagers is on a steady decline, according to a recent study by the National Center For Health Statistics, which is a part of the Centers For Disease Control.



182 days ago


I do not like Bill or Bey. As for Bill all this pented anger means he wants some brown sugar. As for Bey, your a mommy now, stop dancing like a ho.

182 days ago


Everywhere I go, I hear Rihanna coming from the speakers, from shops to clubs to pizza places. Beyonce may have finally put out a good album and have the money to buy a cover spot at Time but she is not as influential as Rihanna.

182 days ago


She's talking about having a good time with her husband .Theres nothing wrong with that ! People

182 days ago


Its very true that's why they roam like that for attention to get guys and gals to say she's f'n' hot. My girl looked hotter with relaxing jeans long sleeve blouse, hair in a bun with bangs and librarian glasses. With a simple name. Left me with something of an imagination. She's still hot.

182 days ago

Northwest Airlines    

What the hell... We all want and love money with out money you wouldn't be able to pay that cell bill. So you can make a comment. With out money no food, no car, no clothes, no going to the hospital the first thing thing they want is insurance. A lot of people is really mad at Jay z and Beyonce for being rich... Look what Bill Clinton done to his wife cheated in the white house. He got him a blow job he wasn't prejudge and he was a weed smoker. Everyone has some dark secrets they done. I bet you Obama or his wife is not perfect. I'm done.

182 days ago


Hey Bill,,,,,,,,,,,,,,how about your book killing Jesus.."He never had the strength to say "it's finished"..HOW WRONG YOU ARE ON THAT ONE !!!!!!! i COULD CARE LESS ABOUT WATRCHING YOIU NOW !!!

182 days ago


Oh Please! Beyonce is in her 30's. That means she is for the grown and sexy! Not for kids. She isn't a Disney star so she doesn't have to maintain a certain image. Grow up people. If you want your kids to listen to non x rated music turn to Disney channel and let Beyonce stay with the grown women. She is not a child and she doesn't make childrens music!

182 days ago

Bob Johnson    

She doesn't have to care. I doubt Bill cares either.

182 days ago


What a moron that rilly guy about gargage. What business does he have talking about her? Why in the world would Beyonce worry about the pregnancy rate? An ugly piece of crap like rilly should learn to keep that big mouth shut or someone will shut it for him....permenantly.

182 days ago


Funny...... he never mentions all the white ho's out here having babies out of wedlock. Try looking in your own backyard first.

182 days ago

Mr. X    

I don't take seriously anyone who confuses loofahs with falafel. Or having their own extra-marital dalliance, yet continue to fulminate on matters such as these.

Neither should you.

Bill O'Reilly: the latest "Old Man Yells At Cloud".

182 days ago


I'm no fan of O'Reilly, but he is right.
We have too much a culture of celebrity worship in this country! It would be one thing if they were worth emulating, but -- certainly not with anyone like Beyonce!

182 days ago
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