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Deandre Jordan

Sign of Protest

In Wake of Sterling Audio

4/26/2014 10:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0426-deondre-jordan-instagram-01Looks like Deandre Jordan got Jesse Jackson's message ... 'cause almost an hour after the Reverend called for a "symbolic expression" among Clipper players to protest Donald Sterling -- their star center seemingly obliged.

Deandre took to Instagram minutes ago and posted a blacked out pic ... which was done last year to show support for Trayvon Martin by people across the country.

The Clippers star didn't caption the photo ... but like they say ... a picture is worth a thousand words.

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just like always...a **** sucker takes the **** out his mouth, then he feels like he has to put on his dunce cap...(and you know what i mean by dunce cap).

183 days ago


**** suckers will always show there colors...

183 days ago


It's true about the last person's comments on the twitter there. That does bring down the value to bring in players for the clippers here on out.

183 days ago


A real boycott would be to stop using the N word. Earn the respect you seek

183 days ago


I'm so sorry that the players have to deal with this right now. They have worked so hard to get to this point and to turn Sterling's franchise around, only to be undermined and dehumanized for their efforts when it matters the most. As a Clippers fan, I sincerely hope that they don't let Sterling ruin what could be a historical season, but I would completely understand if they felt they could not play for a bigot.

At the same time, it sounds to me like Sterling is has some conflicting views on race, and that his jealously and irrational fear of losing his girlfriend to a black person aggravated and brought out some of his racist beliefs. If I played for the Clippers, I would try to remember that Sterling's views on race do not represent the views of most white people or non-minorities. Sterling is clearly living in another era and his beliefs are out of touch with reality -- the players shouldn't let people like that deter them from their goals and dreams.

183 days ago

Timothy Dwight Smith    

Please sign petition to have racist Clippers' owner Donald Sterling removed.


183 days ago


It would show a lot of character if the Los Angeles Clippers go out and play and try to win for the fans despite this mess.

183 days ago


That's nothing.

183 days ago


This is just another wake up call to black people to let them know that racism and prejudice is alive today. DONT SPEND your MONEY ANYWHERE people don't appreciate it and thank you for your business. That goes for everyone from beauty stores,nail shops . You deserve respect!!!

181 days ago


Donald Sterling, you are a true racist piece of hypocritical **** and you should break up with your girlfriend that you treat like **** because you claim she is the minority. Guess what, racists are the minority of today. You are the minority.

181 days ago

John Wangolo    

Who the hell he think he is? Some Angel or what that colored people are subs? This man needs to be excommunicated from this planet. You can't understand these clowns who think they are better. God help us.

180 days ago


The guy has a right to his opinion just the same as blacks have the right to theirs. We live in a society that has a double standard. If you are white , you bess not talk bad about blacks. If your black - all you have to do is play the race card and you can get away with anything.

Boycott the thug filled game all you want, hell quit for all I care. Possibly then all the money filtered in to the NBA teams will be used to something useful and worth while.

180 days ago

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