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Donald Sterling's Girlfriend

Who Is V. Stiviano?!


4/26/2014 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0425_donald_sterling_girlfriend_v_stiviano_instagram_launchBefore she posted the photo that started a race war with Donald Sterling, his then-girlfriend V. Stiviano flooded the web with scorchin' hot photos showing off the perks of dating an NBA owner. 

We broke the story ... Sterling blasted Stiviano for posting a picture of herself on Instagram posing with Magic Johnson. Sterling told her not to be seen with black people and not to bring them to his games. 

Now, we've learned ... Stiviano is a model in her young-20s ... who LOOOVES posting hot bikini pics of herself. She also loved posting pics at Clippers games. 

Well, she used to anyway ...  

No word if her globetrotting lifestyle will come to an end after the fight that ensued with Sterling -- but at least, she'll always have the photos.


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I'm sorry.. but what the hell does he see in her? She is not a good-looking female whatsoever. Hell, I'm better looking than her, along with many others. Can I be his trophy girlfriend? Thanks!

187 days ago


Evidently extremely controlling man besides racist...and married! And most posts attack the gf?

Who exactly has the worse moral?

187 days ago


She's cute, and you can tell she has a sense of humor from her pictures. Not your typical bimbo. Too bad she had to get involved with that dried up old racist.

187 days ago

Friend of Heathers    

This girl has no talent except to be a ho, & she's got bad teeth & skin. I am way better looking than she is, but I wouldn't date an 81 yr. old when I'm 38 as she is. It IS called gold digging when the age difference is that big & the guy-Sterling-is that rich. You tell me she'd date a poor 81 yr. old, right! I also wouldn't date a guy w/a wife like Sterling has. This Viviano has no morals, no looks, no brains as she's going to have no one ever date her again as they're all going to be afraid she'll make a nasty sex tape starring her & baring her horsey teeth.

187 days ago


He stated he didn't care what she did, including have sex with blacks, so long as she didn't advertise it. And he didn't want her to bring blacks to the games. Clearly, this is about bringing the owners' seats property values down.

187 days ago


That's a male! Oh, well you broke your plate! You outted Sterling and humiliated him. She looks a lot like Magic's Tranny that posed in the Enquire and broke the story about his lifestyle in the 90s

187 days ago


As Santa would say, Ho Ho Ho. This store bought slut is taking the poor schnook for a ride. He is getting what he pays for. Zero class from both of them. She reminds me of the girls that hung out in front of H.S. smoking a cigarette. What did she not buy on her body? Apparently her brains.

187 days ago


To quote Santa, Ho Ho Ho. The classless ho and the classless old dude belong together. She would be sporting a natural look without him. I guess he is building a dream woman. Look at her boobs and lips! Purchasing a woman from the shelf is easy enough nowadays. She must figure he will marry her and she will get everything. Not bloody likely, The two deserve each other.

187 days ago


I hate L.A. because of these types of women who are slimy earthworms. They will eat, suck, or **** anything for a dollar and a chance to p-r-e-t-e-n-d to be a star or bask in the circles of the rich and famous.

187 days ago


She is a disgusting slut. Anyone who really lsitens to the tapes of her speaking to Donald Sterling can see she is doing everything she can to entrap him. He gave her Ferraris, Bentleys and a condo worht nearly 2 million dollars and when she tried to emabezzle him and his wife took her to court..she did this to the man who fed her. She belongs in the gutter.

187 days ago


Uhm...that's no 'she'. V StiviMANo folks...

186 days ago



186 days ago


Seeing this photo of her really makes me wonder what the hell was on Sterling's mind. She looks more like a light complextion black woman than a Mexican. Either way, she's not white and I doubt that white is what she wants to be.

186 days ago


What would you expect from a guy dating someone nearly 60 years younger than him or from a 20 something year old dating her grandfather. If this doesn't teach rich old men to stay away from the young silicon babes, nothing will.

186 days ago


I was gonna say... this makes her look just as gross as him.

186 days ago
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