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Jesse Jackson

Calls for Symbolic Protest

... From Clippers Players

4/26/2014 8:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reverend Jesse Jackson is calling for Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and the rest of the Clippers to employ some kind of "symbolic expression" to protest the statements made by team owner Donald Sterling

We just spoke with Jackson ... who tells us he's outraged by Sterling's racist comments -- and says it puts the players in an awkward situation, due to the fact they have a playoff game tomorrow. 

Jackson says the league "must respond and respond quickly" -- and says the players should do something during the game to "show a sign of indignation."

Jackson pointed to the Miami Heat players -- who wore hoodies to show their outrage after the shooting of Trayvon Martin ... and says the Clippers should do something similar.

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"the Miami Heat players -- who wore hoodies to show their outrage after the shooting of Trayvon Martin"

Yeah, darn that guy for shooting a thug that attacked him. What an outrage.

179 days ago


Calm down, Jessie. Sure the guys a racist, but he's entitled to his opinion. Why compare this to Trayvon,? No one was killed here.

179 days ago


Jesse Jackson is the last one to talk with his son is prison for stealing millions . A better consortium of respected black people should meet with the NBA board of directors to either fine Sterling (they fine the players for less), or let Sterling's ex-wife take over the helm. I personally think that Sterling is in the wrong sport and this could adversely affect The Clippers during the play offs.

179 days ago


Oh brother... Jessie just had to get in on this topic too.(sigh)... I think I'm done with the Jessie movement !! The man has already been called out on his words and publicly humiliated for his private thoughts.... I don't think we need anymore hlp on this Jessie 😂😂

179 days ago


I wish this jerk would just die.

179 days ago


Where was Jesse when a white man in Detroit hit a black child who walked out in front him, and 10-12 black men beat the man to near death?

179 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

“There is nothing more painful to me … than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.” ~ Rev Jesse Jackson

The Rev Jackson apparently forgot that he carried on an affair with and spawned a child with Tamara Holder. I'm sure she could have done that and more to his racist black ass had she wanted to.

179 days ago


This coming from one of the biggest racists of all time.. Jesse Jackson is a piece of shi t

179 days ago


STFU Jesse mind your own business. He pays them they would stupid to do anything to against them and if they did they should all be fired ! U racist f****

179 days ago


I don't condone Donald Sterlings comments or endorse him in any way. His ex girlfriend had to have know his feelings about black people. So much so that she baited him into the conversation and recorded. His feelings didn't stop her from riding that wrinkled peen all the way to the bank! It was ok as long as the checks cleared! And Jessie Jackson STFU! You accept anyone that writes you a check, so you can continue to lap in luxury and pay your child support to your illegitimate kids! Fake @ss, you are nothing like the man that once walked with Martin Luther King.

179 days ago


Here we go.....

179 days ago


While i do agree with what Jesse is saying, I also have to look at the SOURCE of WHO is deciding to start an uproar, Jessie again.

When is the last time this "Reverend" has stayed locally at whatever church he has and just PREACHED from the bible, not protesting for people?

He loves to be in the spotlight doesn't he? A big racial conflict that makes headlines, and hes the first one ready to march.

You know if Mr Jackson read the bible more, he would be able to see what type of person he is slowly betraying himself to be....

Look at Mark 12:38-40 " 38 And in his (Jesus) teaching he went on to say: “Beware of the scribes who want to walk around in robes and want greetings in the marketplaces+ 39 and front* seats in the synagogues and the most prominent places at evening meals.+ 40 They devour the houses* of the widows, and for show* they make long prayers. These will receive a more severe* judgment.”

Is this not the same man that was secretly hating on the President not too long ago?

In conclusion, even though this is about racial comments a LA Clipper Owner made, and even though i agree they players should protest it, lets not be hypocritical Mr Jackson. Perhaps you should stay out of the lime light for awhile.

179 days ago


If I were a Black player I wouldn't want to play for this man it would be totally awkward.

179 days ago


Settle down Jesse. Last thing we need is more brothas that won't work

179 days ago


Jesse Jackson no body wants your 2 cents your a racist ******* also!!!

179 days ago
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