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Magic Johnson

Sterling Needs to be FORCED OUT Of the NBA

4/26/2014 1:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that Magic Johnson has had a little time to process the racist comments of Donald Sterling -- directed at Magic himself -- he's very clear ... Sterling either has to sell the L.A. Clippers voluntarily or he should be forced to do it.

Magic tells TMZ Sports ... "He's got to give up the team," adding there's no place in the NBA for a racist.

And Magic says, Commissioner Adam Silver needs to give the ultimatum to Sterling -- sell or else.

Magic reaffirmed his call for a boycott by African-American fans, adding he will NEVER go to a Clippers game as long as Sterling owns the team.

And, listen to how he feels personally betrayed.

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No Avatar


I see that most of TMZ fans are racist really if UT was the other way other

179 days ago


Sad y'all are defending him point blank he was wrong just like p dean racist, so what blacks built the NBA you see Lebron wade kobe black

179 days ago


He should'nt be forced to give up everything he has just because he allegedly has different views then others. He worked hard to get where he's at and his personal views shouldn't matter. This is America. He's free to think what he wants.

179 days ago


Y'all all racist bigots behind the scene but u smile in everyone face God knows ur heart and one day racism is going to get u bad days

179 days ago


Blacks need to get over it! It was a privat conversation. Remember: Freedom of speech!!!

179 days ago


So what um last i checked you could say what you want its a free country. Oh no what its not jokboma is ruining it if the man who owns the tean dont want the nignigs there thats his right if magic dont like it buy the team

179 days ago

Black Adam    

I'm Black so no one call me a Cracker. But Black People, we need to stop acting like Maniacs when we don't like some ones opinion. This is America, people have a right to their own opinion. And Black people are more Racist to Whites than Whites are to Blacks in this day and age.And you don't hear White people whining about it.

179 days ago


Shut up magic. Why don't you come out if the closet and stop trying to run your own game before you worry about what there's think in their private lives.

179 days ago

Northwest Airlines    


179 days ago


Michael is right. He needs to sell the team.

179 days ago

Carlos Danger    

Tragic Johnson needs to shut his filthy mouth. I feel sorry for his wife Cookie because he has proven to be unfaithful to her. Tragic Johnson should be banned from the NBA!

179 days ago


Magic,he is just jealous that you will win her away. Older men are like that. Tolerance is the best thing God put in all of us. God Bless,J.

179 days ago

Double Bubble    

Is this old guy degrading his black players to their face and demeaning them with racial comments while they are on the team? Does the old guy treat his black players horribly and pay them less than white players? He doesnt have to like blacks, mexicans, chinese, indians or even whites as long as he treats them with respect when they work for him and thats all that matters.. Alot of blacks became millionaires because of him and their talent, and in return he's made millions off of them.. It's business, and nothing he said to his gf was business related..Get over it

179 days ago


Now is African American not black black people get ur **** together

179 days ago


Its funny how everyone can say so much bad stuff about black stars who voice there opinion. Now u can hear the worst about magic. If your racist no prob but keep with ur other racist peeps dont go and own a team and hire black players if u know it eats u inside to see them. Although he wrong not because he a racist he has his right to say whatever but dude dont put black players on ur team. And be fake. Opps but he dont want that back lash.. although he is wrong for that funny how so much white people can stand strong for him. Black people shud try standing strong for each other . Its selfish what he said and chris paul and others shud walk away. Next year new team and try again . If yall play yall could as well lick his ass along with his insult to yall

179 days ago
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