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Magic Johnson

Fans Should Boycott ...

Players Should Not

4/26/2014 11:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Magic Johnson
tells TMZ Sports ... he wants Donald Sterling to step down as the Clippers owner and he thinks African Americans should boycott the games until that happens.

Magic says he feels betrayed by Sterling, telling us, "I thought we were friends.  We've broken bread together several times.  It's almost like, do you smile in my face but behind my back you talk about me?  I'd have felt better in 1979 if you would have just told me you don't like African Americans, and then I would have known how to deal with you."

Magic says he strongly believes the players should focus on playing basketball and should NOT boycott Sunday's playoff game.  BUT, Magic thinks African Americans should not line Sterling's pockets by going to the games, saying, "He wants our money but doesn't want us to show up."

As for what should happen to Sterling, Magic is clear:  "He has to step down or sell the team."

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No Avatar

Nobody Special    

Did anyone ever think this was a set-up to get some dirt on the owner from the sleazy girlfriend, and force the owner to sell the Clippers? And I bet there are plenty of people who would like to own this team at a bargain-sale price.

There is something bigger here than just pics on her IG acct.

146 days ago


Magic is a joke. I would love to have Cookie spill some dirt. Magic think about the comments you have made about gays in the past. Should your son boycott you? Find forgiveness.

146 days ago


Self-loathing Jews change their names. I guess he has transferred some of that loathing to schwartzers.

146 days ago

That guy     

What he said sense people don't go to games... Because your going to make the guy money... Players shows up and play the games and make him money.... Forget defending your self as men... fans have pride as men just let the players make money for him because that's going to make him listen .. That will show him when he's getting a check from staples Inc tnt for ratings... Come on that will show him just like it showed everyone on the "Zimmerman" case protest for a day... Well show them..

146 days ago


The white guy is a cuckold. He lets his tramp girlfriend get screwed by blk guys.

146 days ago


Please. ...if he were racist he wouldn't be with a latina black girl to begin with. This was a total set up and the fact Magic Johnson is using this for his own use makes me not like him...I am not impressed by sports, im impressed by character and right now he isn't showing any for someone he claims was a friend. He should be speaking out on his friends behalf. Not asking to boycott. Enough with the racism crap. We all all are Americans.

146 days ago


V. Stiviano likes golden showers like Kim K. Do ur thang girl!

146 days ago

The Truth    

I am a fan Magic, but why hurt the team for some insecure Not racist comments from the owner. If that is the case I wouldn't be able to support any of my favorite teams they are all owned by white insecure people...what do you think the other owners of the Dodgers say about blacks n Latinos when you're not around. Go Clipper Nation!

146 days ago


Just because he dated someone of the mixed Race, that doesn't save him, he is a racist! Slave owners liked their slave women and even made babies they wouldn't claim!

146 days ago


Sterling is wrong for all of what he feels but everyone who is insulting and prosecuting him for his views are also wrong. He has this world view and that is a fact. He is wrong. He does however have the right to believe anything he chooses no matter how right or in this case wrong, however forcing him to resign or to have to live in a way he does not choose just because of who he is, well that is discrimination. The best thing to do is to no longer associate yourself with anything he is involved in. Remove yourself from his activities-peacefully without calling for blood. The wrong thing to do is actively destroy his life through hatred and anger. Regardless of your opinion you should always consider others.

146 days ago


Players shouldn't cheat on their wives and get HIV either

146 days ago


Why should he step down??..is it a crime to dislike blacks?..if he was a judge or a police officer then he could use this pisition to send innocent blacks to prison or to treat them unfairly....but he is the owner of an NBA team and the black players need the white owners even more than the white owners need them

146 days ago


He told her he did not want her to hang out wuth fully black prople because he does not want to answer to tge world/his friends...just like Justin bieber hangs out with blacks and he is criticized for doing so

146 days ago


Most of the white team owners and the espn managers don't like blacks....that is who Sterling don't want to answer too

146 days ago


It's high time PEOPLE go part way and not ALL the way on a civil action. Screw that every damn player in the league should decide NOT TO PLAY. No one should show up for games. EVERY damn TV should be SHUT OFF. Cut your dependence on these RICH FAT MOUTH MEN. let them know who has the REAL POWER. What Don Sterling said is an embarrassment to our country - plain and simple! There are AA in our militaries fighting in our militaries to protect this loud mouth disgusting animal.

146 days ago
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