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NBA Commish

Donald Sterling Won't Go to Clippers Playoff Game

4/26/2014 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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In the wake of Donald Sterling's racist comments on an audio recording ... he is persona non grata at his own team's playoff game ... according to the NBA Commissioner. 

Adam Silver said Sterling "has agreed that he will not attend his playoff game [Sunday] in Golden State" while the league investigates the tape of Sterling arguing with his girlfriend.

During his news conference in Memphis ... the commish was surprisingly strong and deliberate with his words -- calling Sterling's comments on the tape ... "truly offensive and disturbing. "

Silver said the league hopes to have its investigation wrapped up in the next few days -- and said they would interview Sterling and his gf V. Stiviano ... and attempt to understand the context of the recording.

He added that Sterling deserves a fair chance to present his side of the story ... and as a result the league was not prepared to even discuss any potential sanctions.

Several people -- in and out of the NBA -- including LeBron James, Shaquille O'Neal, Rev. Al Sharpton, Lil Wayne, and Magic Johnson ... have said Sterling should at least be suspended ... and at worst ... removed as owner of the Clippers. 

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the girlfriend lost her sugar daddy today.

147 days ago


He can't deny the numerous lawsuits against him filed by previous tenants and the employees who worked for him that testified against him, CONFIRMING he is a racist and do not like black people. THERE IS NO DENYING THAT!!!

147 days ago


sharpton and jackson wants to turn everything into a racial slur, i would not let these 2 crooks represent my culture in any way. he is allowed to have his opinions. his gf who taped it, seems like a money grubber.

147 days ago


This guy is a certified Idiot! To each their own, but is he really that dumb to be so obvious about it. Hit him where is hurts

147 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

National Thug Association, Adam Silver, and
ALL "Corporate America"/Media allies:

Craigslist.com/Hymietown/Rant and Rave Section
"The House of David:
Psalm2_014 NOW"

147 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

racism may be 'reprehensible' but it is not against the law. he has every 'personal right' to be a racist. there's tons of people who were not 'conformed' by the civil rights movement and all the changes that took place. just because something has been established politically, does not mean that on a personal level, 'no one is allowed to be a racist', or oppose it. that is a personal choice, it is his personal freedom to be a racist, all he wants to. it is not against the law. he might have offended and insulted just about everyone in the world, but that does not mean he is not allowed to say or think the way he 'does' (wants to). and secondly, why was someone recording a private conversations, and why would tmz have published it? tmz obviously has no clue about 'freedom of speech' that they would try to vilify someone for having a personal private conversation. that is like a control state, like 1984, where 'the party' records everything you say, and if you say something that opposes the views of the party, the party will destroy you, will annihilate you. tmz is acting crazy. sure, maybe some other site would have published it, but the fact that tmz did, shows very scary proportions of a rogue control state 'forming' in such places as tmz, in the staff at tmz who seemingly is having serious control issues, who have access to lots of 'highly classified' files. it is a bit worrisome, honestly, that these morons at tmz think they have the right to control the private lives of others, simply because they have access to sensitive papers and informations of them. you really should get your brain checked for control issues, and also get some official training on 'freedom of press' and 'the violation and the abuse of freedom of press', because you seem to really transgress these boundaries wayyy more than is acceptable, because you clearly do not understand these very vital concepts, and by not understanding them, are causing way more harm, way more damage that can be undone, you are really making yourselves look really malicious, stupid and vindictive, like stories like this become a 'personal issue' for some of the staff at tmz it seems. this conversation should not have 'been recorded' in the first place, let alone 'leaked' onto a global gossip site, regardless of how offensive his personal opinion is. he has a RIGHT to hold such offensive opinions, regardless of what some nincompoop at tmz thinks about him. i don't even know if you have a right to release such tapes to the public. also such opinions as: well, he has every right to be a racist, but he also then has every right to face the consequences. this clearly implies that he in fact does NOT have the right to be a 'racist'. because stripping all his rights for doing so, tarring and feathering him, clearly says: he does not have a right to be a racist. if he had 'a right to be a racist' this would mean that 'he could still carry on with his regular life', but now everyone just knows he is a racist. if you have 'a right' to be something, this implies there are no social repercussions., so you can only say: he either has a right to be a racist, or he does not have a LEGAL RIGHT to be a racist. there is a very clear difference. you as a 'democracy' do not have a right to force someone to believe in what you do. that is not a democratic notion. you can say: what you believe in is highly offensive, and i don't get it, but YOU ARE ENTITLED TO YOUR OPINION, as racist or as offensive as it may be. that is a DEMOCRACY.

147 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

the same way as you try to control, block, manipulate and barrage certain comment posters or comments. you folks really need to get some serious seminar training on REAL freedom of press' matters, because ya'll done lost your marbles waaayy too many times on me alone, already. my eyes fall out at all the crap you people pull on this site. you people are villainous, callous, cold blooded and even dangerous. i would not trust the people at tmz as far as i can throw an elephant. and i can't throw an elephant very far, i tell ya.

147 days ago

john flynn    

So I guess now the L A CLIPPERS owner can now go on Fox news he will blend in with the rest of the host over there in make up story land oh I believe the call it Fox news.

147 days ago


Funny, Obama says the same thing to Michelle probably, behind closed doors.....

147 days ago


I guess I should be happy that your idiot web developers finally figured out how to embed a video, ten years later, but seriously? This is like the tackiest looking video frame I've ever seen. Why are your web people so incompetent!?

147 days ago



147 days ago


I can't believe he said she should present herself as a "delicate White or Latina" woman. Race has NOTHING to do with how delicate a woman is. My black colleagues are some of the sweetest, more gracious women I know. It's sad that in 2014 we're still pretending that we're not all human - God gave each of us two arms, legs, eyes, and a brain just like EVERY OTHER HUMAN.

147 days ago



147 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

'Hymies.' 'Hymietown.' -- Jesse Jackson's description of New York City while on the 1984 presidential campaign trail.

147 days ago


As soon as I get back in from washing my car.

"Alright, thank you everyone."

I always miss stuff.

146 days ago
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