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Ex-Clipper Cuttino Mobley

I Feel Bad for Donald Sterling

Here's Why ...

4/27/2014 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former L.A. Clippers player Cuttino Mobley says he doesn't hate team owner Donald Sterling -- he actually feels sorry for the guy.

Mobley tells TMZ Sports ... he might actually understand where Sterling's hateful comments come from ... and he's not angry about it -- he feels pity for Sterling for going through life feeling that way. 

"I feel bad for him ... being such an older person and still thinking like that in 2014."

And while Mobley says he never saw or heard Sterling do anything racist or offensive around him, he notes ..."If theres smoke in the city everywhere he goes when it comes to this type of situation, obviously, he's the one starting the fire."

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K South West    

I don't hate him either

176 days ago

K South West    

All these rappers do worse for "blacks" than he does

176 days ago


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Good God TMZ,Enough.

176 days ago

Crystal- Skill    

Donald Sterling has tested Black America... Do we stand up and make tough choices and decisions or do we passively accept racism and racist?

176 days ago


It is sad that Sterling thinks this way...SMH

176 days ago


Who is Donerd

176 days ago


Have no scorn like a black man.

176 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

Im a black African living in America and I forgive him. This comes from a man who has suffered racsit comments etc., for years from people who dont like black skin, i repeat, they dont like black skin, not the character of the person, the skin, the skin!!! Sterling isnt exactly a KKK member, hes a man who for his own reasons thinks how he does. Is he right or wrong? To him he is. As a believer in GOD i forgive him and pray for him. Heres were religion works were people that dont agree with it sometimes miss. Were all flawed and I have to show Sterling the same love i desire EVEN IF IT MEANS HUMBLING MYSELF FOR ONE WHO WRONGED ME/OTHERS! See, Sterling is no more nor any less of a bad person as me, ive lied stole and cheated before. Most of us have done wrong so making him the poster boy for Wealthy people who ar racist is unfair. Hes like many his age, they dont dig on race mixing, they let you make them money but, no more than that and alot of his views are generational, purely!!! See, is it that Sterling is a bad person or he was taught bad ideas as a child? Theres always a reason to why people are how they are, its why we forgive and love despite these flaws. Sterling may need help because what he says makes sense to him and MANY WHO FEEL JUST LIKE STERLING who are wealthy and powerful, hes not alone, he just got caught. That said, she was wrong to me, she was his woman and she was messing with him, she set him up because she knew she was on her way out the door, shes in my opinion worse than Sterling, typical GOLD DIGGER, she didnt just find out he was not fond of minorities, she just decided to get even after she knew, the money was about to go away!!!! I forgive Sterling because also right or wrong, and i wish the world was like this, we live in America, and we have the right to like what we want as long as we dont harm others physically etc., and i wish we were a world of people who loved all but, some never will comply!!! SIncerely, Lil Melvin

176 days ago


He is jealous. He can't compete - friends probably razz him etc... He is pitiful !
What was she doing with him ? Grose...

176 days ago


Why does he keep mentioning he's never done anything to HIM?! Selfish pr i ck must want to be a Clipper next season.

176 days ago

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