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L.A. Clippers Owner Finds an Unlikely Ally

4/28/2014 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


  • Hollywood Reacts to the Clippers Scandal
  • Selena Gomez Gets Real Cozy with Orlando Bloom
  • George Clooney's Engagement Secret Blown
  • A Huge Star Busted with a Pet Tiger!


No Avatar

BLUE UGLY đź’©    

I was so hoping TMZ sports would go away and then this story happens :'(

144 days ago

Flying Blind    

Harvey is protecting his gay buddies by going crazy with this racist story. Almost all the old white guys are rasist, big deal.

144 days ago

Flying Blind    

Who the f is Tank and who cares. There are a million people to sing the NA.

144 days ago

Flying Blind    

I'd say this Donald guy as done a lot to help the advancement of black people. Paying them millions of dollars to play a game they would play for nothing.

144 days ago


Racquel please STFU you waste of oxygen. You never have any thing to say that makes sense. You are an idiot!!!!

144 days ago

Joe Blowe    

So who the fvck is this unlikely ally???

144 days ago


CANNOT Believe the attention your giving this.
I understand you get TMZ over the media, yet really?

What he said in a 'private conversation' that if recorded in CA is 'Illegal' (which you say nothing about) is really so horrific?

I'm not supporting what this guy said however, the OVER Reaction to this is insane.

How did what he say change the lives of any of these people speaking out huh?

Compare the Actions of this man compared to what he said. What ACTIONS has he taken to support what he said in private, huh?

Yet the PC POLICE, the SAME kind of people that will POUND on you if you don't agree with 'Their' beliefs, you just let, no you INSTIGATE this PC lynching.

Talk about calling the kettle black.
How many things are said EVERYDAY in Public that are FAR worse, huh?
I hear worse on a basketball court or at a high school yet they are all indignant toward what he said?

What a bunch of SHEEPLE you are.

You've got the possible RAPE of children in the Hollywood top floor, yet you jump on this?

Mob Mentality and your STOKING the fire.

Irresponsible of you TMZ

144 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

Metta World Peace/Don Artese is playing it safe like a House N-word.
Grow some balls and stand up for what's right.

144 days ago


The Clippers should not quit because they don't work for Sterling they work for money.

144 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

Clippers players should not quit but go on the court and refuse to play. Sanctions will be handed all over the place, but it would be the right thing to do.

144 days ago


Did Soulja's dumb ass just call Codiene a drink?! He's high right now.

144 days ago


I think the most relevant comments on the Sterling situation are yet to come- ie/ from the fellow NBA owners.
The fact that Mark Cuban was said to have stated "it's not my problem, not my chair" is disheartening.
Particularly if the possible ramifications for Sterling are to come from the league/ other owners. Advertisers and stakeholders have commented- why no response from fellow owners?

144 days ago


Soulja Boy Codeine is not a drink it comes in liquid form and pill form.

144 days ago


all the men on TMZ remind me of school yard little boys when it comes to sex

144 days ago


I thought I have seen and heard it all from TMZ, but this idiot Soljia? What ever, and his crusade to bring back cough syrup for his pleasure is making my head spin. What an idiot ! Kids look up to this POS and others to promote drug abuse. And we wonder why our kids are spiraling out of control. And Harvey, you condoned this by allowing this douche to use your show as a public forum !
And please, send that Raquel back to school. She does nothing but embarrass herself over and over.

144 days ago
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