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Oprah Winfrey

Hey Donald Sterling ...


4/29/2014 7:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey Donald SterlingOprah Winfrey just came out firing at Donald Sterling -- telling TMZ Sports, "We're off the plantation! The plantation days are over!"

The Big O just broke her silence on the Sterling situation while leaving CBS in NYC -- and told us the ideal resolution would be for Magic Johnson to take over the Clips ... "That would be really cool."

But despite the impact of the Sterling story -- and the fact President Obama even weighed in -- Oprah says it's not the biggest story of her lifetime ... that distinction goes to ANOTHER big case involving a huge sports star. 

Check out the clip.

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Let me get this straight...calling a black person black is racist, but, using language like c---, S---, wh---,b----, among others, describing women, is not degrading or demeaning or hurtful? He never used the N word which is very racist. How about the derogatory terms used for other races...are they acceptable? WHY........we should stand and demand change against any kind of demeaning action against any color, race , group or gender and that also includes, gays, lesbians, transgenders..they are all human beings and also have feelings. We need to clean up our lives and quit hiding behind our bigotry!,

183 days ago


Yes indeed! The plantation days are over!

183 days ago


What gets me is how most African Americans say what Sterling says is wrong but in the music and movies they say nasty thing about whites and other minorities, when are these Afriacn American Celeberties going to be accounted for their actions. If you walk in a African American neighborhood a white or other minorities will be raped, attacked, murdered and never seen again. Come on you have to say most African Americans are racist! So what is going to be done about this?

183 days ago



183 days ago


This racist woman needs sit down and shut up! The elderly whites in America need to die she went on video BBC and said ! Them calls her family the N word over the intercom system in her home. She is a two faced racist. She hates her own people. Look at most the staff she hires ask her why is that? Hmmmm. Ask why all her family and friends have to sign contracts? Oprah your day is coming soon and oh dr Phil had to help you out hmm. I have not read listened watched nothing she has had anything to do with in years. U can sense it in her huge racist thinks she is above it all. And oh yeah POUS other half went stayed at her house and he commented on this how many times? There Is a connection with them all set up stinking rancid set up! And when part this comes back and. Bites them! And Oprah will be next to be sued.

183 days ago


Really Oprah? You are as racist as they come! I watched your show religiously, like everyone else in the U.S. Yes you did do a lot of wonderful things for people! But, you always were fake when it came to the white folk. Everyone saw your dislike for the white folk! Put it this way, the civil war was over long ago! Get over it! Race relations have been improving, and then you and Donald Sterling open up your racist pie holes and get the **** elevated back to square one. Shut up keep your opinions to yourself! Donald is a dick, who has no dick, obviously he's mad cuz his don't work anymore and can't deliver the goods. He wished he was hung like a horse! Jealousy is ugly! Don't take back the progress black and whites have made!

183 days ago


Why is it not racist to have the black music awards and black only dating sight? Hmmmm, think about it, fair is fair!

183 days ago


Oprah Winrey definately considers herself an African American. She tells Donald Sterling the " Plantation day are over " yet Oprah has no comment about the 243 *****ian girls that were kidnapped and sold, just like the plantations days, into a form of sexual slavery for the equilivant of 12 dollars each. Of course the kidnappers were black so they are given a free pass.

179 days ago
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