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Shaquille O'Neal

Apologizes for Mocking Man

with Genetic Disorder

4/30/2014 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Shaquille O'Neal has called and apologized to a Michigan man with a rare genetic disorder ... who claimed Shaq was mocking him in an Instagram photo. 

Shaq tweeted ... "Made a new friend today when I called and apologized to Jahmel Binion. Great dude. #alwayslearning #MYBADCUZ."

Jahmel -- who has a disorder called ectodermal dysplasia -- had said he felt hurt and bullied when Shaq posted a side-by-side picture on Instagram earlier this week. 

FYI -- ectodermal dysplasia is a condition that causes abnormalities in the teeth, hair, skin and more. 

"I was kinda hurt cause I look up to him," Jahmel told reporters ... "I watched Shaq play basketball the whole season and so I'm like why he making fun of me when he supposed to be this role model?"

Shaq has since removed the image from his page.

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No Avatar


Are we sure Shaq was making fun of him? How do we know that he wasn't comparing how much that they look alike? Betcha the other guy doesn't sound like an idiot when he talks though. Hmmm....

114 days ago


I sent u this story how did u get him to say sorry I think u r the only company I sent this to u rock for getting him to say sorry

114 days ago

Mysterious Mist    


114 days ago


Lol. Once again, here go the "race" references. This classic bullying. No more, no less. He made fun of someone he thought was just ugly. Many of us do that. TMZ loves to bully celebrities the same satirical way. Was Shaw ignorant and wrong? Absolutely! Wrong is wrong, but is this comparable to the Sterling situation? .....knock it off!

114 days ago


My bad is not a way to apology… be a real man and apologize the correct way.

113 days ago



113 days ago


Where is oprah sticking up for this guy? I thought she was all against bullying? maybe she doesn't want to buy his business so it's OK.

113 days ago

jeff boy    

What Donald Sterling said was prejudiced and bigoted not racist.. there is a big difference as some of you are not educated enough realize that.. Further, what Shaq did was inexcusable and an apology doesn't cut it in this case... Shaq needs to be banned and fired from his TV spot...

113 days ago

jeff boy    

Funny.. Shaq is one to talk about and make fun of anyone else when he is a giant Cross-Eyed mumbling moron...

113 days ago

Double Bubble    

So an old white dude says some things about blacks and gets publicly shamed,called a racist, banned from the NBA etc etc etc, but it's ok for Shaq to make fun of this guy who has obvious medical issues- ON PURPOSE AND POSTED IT ONLINE-, and all he has to do is say sorry and everyone's ok with that?? That's BS!! There better be some charities getting offended by this and not having anything to do with him now too !!! Fkn hypocrites!

113 days ago

Double Bubble    

And where's the outrage from Obama? After all, this could be his son... (or does that only go for black kids who are little thugs and get shot and killed by a non black?)

113 days ago


OK so where's Silver on this one.? I'd ban Shaq for life as well. If the NBA is going to ban people for making stupid or racist remarks, then what's good for Stirling is good for Shaq.

113 days ago


Joke or no joke....When are WE(meaning Shaq and everyone else in the world) gonna realize that downgrading or making fun of anyone else is not cool at all. We don't know each other's life struggles so we ought to be trying to uplift each other. You'd be surprised...it might just make you feel better about your damn self.

113 days ago


Yall white people are soo ****in stupid it's not racism it's called bullying stop comparing him to that stupid bigoted ass sterling with his old wrinkled white ass..and You all need to go to the library in your hick town and learn how to spell..yall mad get over it yall always mad

113 days ago

Stephanie Sarabia    

Was Shaq aware that this person had a disorder?

113 days ago
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