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Shaquille O'Neal

Apologizes for Mocking Man

with Genetic Disorder

4/30/2014 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Shaquille O'Neal has called and apologized to a Michigan man with a rare genetic disorder ... who claimed Shaq was mocking him in an Instagram photo. 

Shaq tweeted ... "Made a new friend today when I called and apologized to Jahmel Binion. Great dude. #alwayslearning #MYBADCUZ."

Jahmel -- who has a disorder called ectodermal dysplasia -- had said he felt hurt and bullied when Shaq posted a side-by-side picture on Instagram earlier this week. 

FYI -- ectodermal dysplasia is a condition that causes abnormalities in the teeth, hair, skin and more. 

"I was kinda hurt cause I look up to him," Jahmel told reporters ... "I watched Shaq play basketball the whole season and so I'm like why he making fun of me when he supposed to be this role model?"

Shaq has since removed the image from his page.

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No Avatar


WTF! Ha ha ha that is the funniest **** I have seen in a long time.

178 days ago


Shaq should give him a mil to make him feel better. Cause shaq knows better

177 days ago


Always learning my arse. For those things that this is not the same as the Sterling incident it is the same. Regardless of what the intent was... someone was offendedl

177 days ago

joey jones    

I've always said that Shaq is a total, complete moronic fraud. One of the worst people on the face of the earth. With his FAKE PHD.lol, how can anyone this DUMB have a PHd???? He must have had someone take his test for him....obviously he purchased the degree from some degree mill.....Someone needs to put the fat slob in his place once and for all.

177 days ago


Shaq is all class.

177 days ago


@ TSPC..... I refuse to believe you're that stupid... Not one person has come out and said that the Clippers is run as a racist organization... Which there are laws for and any person who works for the Clippers from the lowest job to a ball player can sue if they believe they were treated unfair
Due do their race, religion , DISABILITY, sex, and sexual orientation.

Any person can have any beliefs they want , it is when you act on them and they are against the law ...a person should be held to account.

Second Shaquille is in a more tenuous position then the owner and CEO of a organization... Shaquille works for and represents a network while having a high profile job and is the public face of said network.. So he has more of a obligation to not appear as a dumb bigoted a$$ , that's why their are morality clauses for public personalities and not for owners of a Basketball team.

If Shaquille wasn't black he would have to do a lot more then just tweet some half ass'd apology to mocking a disabled person he would have lost his job on his sorts show...

But for some reason and I put most of the blame on the liberal white national media black people are not held to any standards , either as sports figures, Presidents , politicians , so called " community leaders" or a celebrities or a citizens .

177 days ago



177 days ago


At least he apologized. You cant be that mad. People do this all the time on social media. Its all fun and games till you really actually hurt someone. Yes it was crude but it was a joke. It dont make it right but he apologized. Shaq didnt go on and on about race and such. He apologized and thats cool. he could have just ignored it like every one else does.

173 days ago

louis gonzalez    

**** shaquille-oneal that bro can't even make a free throw

87 days ago


Black people are such a waste

87 days ago


None of this surprises me….such IGNORANCE!! You thinking you are so superior , People bow down to you but this is what I will say to you, There will come a day where you won't look so good anymore SHAQ, hell, you probably won't even be recognized. And when that day comes, it will finally hit you that Looks aren't forever. So now that the world knows what you are truly made of, I hope it makes you feel good about yourself. SHAME ON YOU! Oh and one more thing, apologies only work when their sincere, Yours don't because you were caught! What a role model you turned out to me.

87 days ago
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