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V. Stiviano

Threatens ... 'One Day I Will Become President'

Already Has Secret Service

4/30/2014 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Sterling's ex side piece is dancing so hard on his NBA grave ... she now thinks she's going to be President. Like, of this country. 

Paparazzi spotted V. Stiviano wearing her customary ridiculous visor outside an L.A. restaurant last night and she proclaimed, "One day I will become President of the United States of America." She then muttered something about laws ... but luckily traffic noise drowns out her voice. 

V. brought back up -- a few Black friends who have HER NAME (Stiviano, not Shameless Self Promoter) written on their hats. 

Watch her exchange with paps about Angelina Jolie -- more proof of the absurdity of this mess.

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No Avatar


Ain't that Kurupt?

144 days ago


Omg I'm sick of hearing about this irrelevant gold digging trollop, your 15 mins are up!

144 days ago


why you gotta call them "black friends"? racist ass mutha fuggas

144 days ago


She can be president of her prison cell and play military with her cell mates rug.
I hope she gets shot, just like other presidents in history.

144 days ago


Does anyone know this answer? What does this chick do for a living other than have sex with old married men? And is she using drugs because she must be to think she could ever run this country.

144 days ago

Karvey Kardashian    

This pathetic tramp had no problem staying with the racist during four years she took money and gifts from him. When most people realize they are with a loser they end the relationship instead of recording 100 hours of private conversation. I would like to know why she stayed with him knowing he is a racist if she has such an issue with it? It is obvious what her motivations were for recording him when you realize she is best friends with the wh0re who wrote a book naming all the musicians and actors she has screwed. She is trying to help her write a book, and called V. very smart and said this was calculated. If that tramp had a problem with his racism she would not have waited until after he dumped her and during playoffs to release the information. She is no better than he is and her best friend is whom she is trying to imitate with a book deal. Her best friend also turned herself into a brand which is what she is conspiring with this evil tramp to do. That is the reason for the hats with her name on them. Why advertise who you are if you are going to wear the pathetic helmet to hide an ugly face? She wears it because she doesn't want people to know that she can't stop smiling about all the money she thinks she will make.

144 days ago


Hey V.Gina is listing herself on back page and Craigslist personals for 100 roses per 15 min quickie on LA classifieds

144 days ago


Why shouldn't she think that? TMZ handed her a ton of fire power to destroy an entire fNBA Team and there families. TMZ is just as guilty as she is for putting this on their website. A PRIVATE conversation is not admissible in a court of law, why is allowed to be put on a gossip website where decisions are made to ban a human being from an orginaztion .. She isn't delusional .

144 days ago


People can U not see this Mental Case woman set up Donald look what shes saying she is going to be President come on Magic started a war just so he could buy the CLippers

144 days ago


so TMZ when you paid the snake for her tapes did include unlimited clip exposure? another worthless POS made famous by you bastiges!!

144 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

You created her tmz by buying the tapes and in doing so ruined the NBA and cost charities millions of dollars in donations that saved lives. Keep up the good work over there your contribution to our country is much appreciated. You pay her and then make fun of her? Something is wrong there. YOU CREATED THE STORY

144 days ago

Hell If I Know    

Classic sign of a narcissist. They often proclaim their desire to "rule the world". Madonna told Dick Clark the same thing on American Bandstand in 1983. This hoor is a narcissist devoid of empathy. The old letch gave her a Ferrarri, a Range Rover and two Bentley's...sounds to me like he was pretty dayam good to her. Why would she want to destroy the old man anyway? Face it..her looks are BAAAD...she's no beauty. She should be thankful this old geezer even gave her the time of day.

144 days ago


Oh TMZ u call this mess absurd but u are the biggest perpetuators of this ****

144 days ago


What does the V Stand for?

144 days ago

Hell If I Know    

Why does this hoor go by about 16 different names anyway? Running from the law...from creditors...from people she's screwed in the past?

144 days ago
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