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Floyd Mayweather's Ex-Fiancee

Floyd Will Never Own the Clippers

After 'Abortion' Post

5/1/2014 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0501-floyd-mayweather-chantel-jackson-instagram-02Floyd Mayweather's ex just hit him where it really hurts -- his financial bottom line -- saying he just blew his chances to become an NBA owner by ripping her for allegedly aborting their twins.

Shantel Jackson just posted this on Instagram: "with that type of behavior I guess you just gave up on owning that NBA team huh? Lol"

Floyd has said he'd be interested in purchasing the Los Angeles Clippers when and if Donald Sterling sells.

Shantel's jab comes hours after Floyd posted what looks like an ultrasound of twins on his FB and IG accounts with a caption claiming he and Shantel broke up because she aborted the babies.

Shantel still hasn't addressed whether Floyd's claim is true -- but she ended her response to him with "#childish #growup."

Yeah, this is gonna get nastier.

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No Avatar


Grow Up? Like those twins you killed will never get the chance to? You murdering piece of trash.

183 days ago


Floyd is such a little girl. Grow up and move on, acting like a scorned woman

183 days ago


She was too selfish and cowardly to give birth to her twins. Screwing out of wedlock has consequences that people like Shantel don't want to deal with. They want the fun but not the responsibility. Our society is so twisted and disgusting .
We refer to pregnant women's stomachs as "baby bumps" yet pro abortionists tell us they are not babies till they are out of the vagina!

183 days ago


this is the right pro-abortionists argue in favor of, the right to murder helpless babies?

183 days ago


I'm not judging anyone but honestly I wouldn't have a kid by this immature dude with a history of domestic violence, if true having those babies would have lock her in with him for 18+ yrs IJS

183 days ago

Just A Random Thought    

Not like he is gonna be payin child support so he will have plenty of $$. SHUT YOUR BROKE A$$ UP!!

183 days ago


Does anyone else see the similarity in appearance between Ms. Jackson and "SKANK K. Kardashian"?

183 days ago


She needs to Shut up...aborting ..2 babies.....

183 days ago

dr murphy    

Floyed is just trying to inform us,its a done relationship yes,hes giving us the minor details what caused it,pool he had a white girl it when went sour,now a sister,she,s everdently not ready,the Man is trying,ITA like deon sanders ex,she had some issues and deon cancelled her like niño Brown floyed we love you Man you a good brother good luck with a new femal,buying the Clippers,and the next guy you knock out.this chick blew a chance in a lifetime just like pilar,deons ex in the end who did the judge side with.hmmmm.

183 days ago

Thizz √$    

MONEY TEAM all day .

183 days ago

Valerie Hernandez    

Floyd Wayweather's ex is a BABY KILLER!, i'm on his side.

183 days ago


Wow, she is dumb. Why would you abort a man's kids worth $500,000,000 when you are engaged to be married to him?

Worried about her figure? Do what Kim Kardashian did and get plastic surgery immediately after giving birth.

183 days ago


How would that hurt him? That would HELP him. Hell...I would dump a woman who I was planning to marry and then she aborted my kids! Twins at that? I mean...he was gonna get married...that means "start a family"...but I guess she just was in love with the fast life of being with Floyd. For a Gold Digger, she pretty damn dumb to abort two monthly income for the next 18 years. DAMN SHE DUMB!

183 days ago


Ms. Jackson dodged a huge bullet! This man is supposed to be preparing for a fight but he is hell bent on embarrassing and putting this woman down. Floyd Mayweather is nothing but a controlling, mentally unstable, physically/mentally/emotionally abusive prick. He's just mad that she is living her life and not worried about him.

183 days ago


There are women out there, in this world, who are dying to have a baby. Just one baby. They would give an arm, leg, and an eye ball, just to have one. Here she is, given a huge blessing to have, not one, but TWO babies, and she aborts them. I would never tell someone what they can or cannot do, but I am against abortion and always will be. If you are scared of the responsibility, don't have unprotected sex. If you don't want to have kids with this man, why are you engaged to be married to him? She was wrong for aborting, and he was wrong to have posted something so private. Also, although I believe it was morally wrong of her to have aborted two beautiful blessings, it was her choice, and it is, UNFORTUNATELY, legal. SMH.

183 days ago
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