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Donald Sterling

Battling Cancer

5/2/2014 5:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Donald Sterling CancerDisgraced Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been battling cancer for several years, TMZ has confirmed.

Sterling's cancer medication, believed to be for prostate cancer, is what has caused his face to look puffy in recent years, says the New York Post. One source told the paper, "They thought he would die two years ago."

Clippers players were unaware of Sterling's alleged condition. Blake Griffin told reporters after last night's loss to the Golden State Warriors, "If that is true, my thoughts and prayers are with him. Nobody deserves to go through something like that."

Earlier this week, Sterling was banned for life by the NBA and fined $2.5 million for his racist remarks.

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Prostate cancer is greater for older men then any other cancer, which I'm aware of. There are different types of treatment but to me the only way is to have it removed. A person can go through 3 months of radiation treatment, hormone therapy however this treatment does not cure the cancer, cryotherapy (freezing) and other treatments such as brachytherapy which is a form of inserting radiation seeds into the prostate. Point is if Sterling has had this for 2+ years is only taking medicine something isn't quite right, like the truth. I don't have any boo hoo!s for the guy.

139 days ago

juggalo 6    

Oprah is trying to steal a Basketball team from a dying old man and all you people can do is talk crap about him? What about Oprah and all the racist comments she has made over the years? What if I called her a dog faced Nig ger, how many get offended now? I hope someone spits at all of you as you are dying too. I hope someone shows all of you and your families the same respect during your final days

139 days ago


I can't believe all these people saying "who cares" and "it's just for sympathy". So if a person says they don't like black people, they deserve to die of cancer?? Damn......Ignorant people.

139 days ago


HATE is a disease....and that includes *hateful comments here.....

139 days ago


He deserves it! Spreading his hate. He DESERVES IT

139 days ago


Ooooo, RACISM CAUSES CANCER!!! Take THAT racists!!!!!!!

139 days ago


Well, I'm sorry to hear that he is battling w/cancer. Despite his hateful remarks he made I still do not wish this on him.

139 days ago


wow, check this article out:


RIP Scott Sterling. :(

139 days ago


Being sick is NO excuse for being a JERK! Or, a racist. Sorry - but cancer is the angry disease - you probably got sick because you ARE A JERK.

139 days ago


So, he met V.Stiviano in 2010, and he's had prostate cancer for several years? Get cancer - take a mistress? I would like to see a detailed timeline of all he, his wife and mistresses actions since 2010. The wife's lawsuit against the mistress, the lavishing presents and their son's death -- what a jamb-packed few years with life-stressors that deplete the body's immune system. With all his $$$$$, he should have retired to the French Riviera or somewhere with his wife and tried to relax and enjoy his remaining years. Sounds like he's always been a stubborn fighter, though. However, he's lucky to have lived to a ripe old age already.

139 days ago


IMO, Sterling will probably come back in his next world/life as an oppressed minority of some type. He has to grow and get better - or never exist anywhere, eventually.

139 days ago


Using the "C" word. "C"onvenient

139 days ago


If God does watch us then shame on us..we are all so accusing and vindictive! None of us are without fault, guilt or sin..yet we so abundantly cast stones. Virtuous people realize this.

139 days ago


I don't have to agree with anything he says, but I don't wish him ill. I hope he gets better.

Cancer or not, the best thing he could do for himself is so show class by stepping down and letting this whole thing go. The more he fights this, the worse he is not only going to make it for himself but the worse he is going to appear.

139 days ago


Get better soon.

139 days ago
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