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Donald Sterling

'I Wish I Had Just Paid Her Off'

5/2/2014 2:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Sterling has finally broken his silence ... telling an L.A. magazine, "I wish I had just paid her off."

The disgraced L.A. Clippers owner made the comment about V. Stiviano to DuJour Magazine.  

The mag claims Sterling is not done talking -- and has already lined up interviews with Barbara Walters and the NBA. Though it's unclear when he plans to talk to them. 

As for the comment itself -- it just shows that he doesn't think he's racist or said anything wrong ... and the only thing he seemingly regrets is that the audio got out.

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Eye roll     

He's sick. I just read an article that he tortured and abused his poor son who eventually died if an overdose last year. All bc of this sick f'er. It's disgusting. What a horrible human being. Look it up. So sad

138 days ago


Really, there's no fool like an old fool. And a fool and his money are soon parted. He's older than some hills!

138 days ago


That's all prositutes want is money... but with her, no one is safe. Hope that all the other men are taking note because she'll do it to anyone. Once a hooker, always a hooker... yeah... and he's an old, delusional, pathetic man. He's 80 people. Think of that... probably has dementia already.

138 days ago


You know I really do not see why so many people especially blacks are offended. Donald Sterling is among the many who discriminate and make racist remark behind closed doors. We live in a society that full of ignorant people and only the person can chnage their attitude.

138 days ago


You know being racist isn't ok but the man and whoever else, is entitled to say whoever he wants in his own home. You know what if he wasn't an ass to anyone in public who cares! Do you have any idea how many people are fake to your face on a daily basis? Not to mention he's old as hell which means he was raised in a time where blacks and whites didn't mix. That learned behavior is hard to change. My grandpa hated Asian people cause he was captured in the war, so he held it against the whole race. However he was never an ******* to them in person.

138 days ago


this article just made my day... haha rofl

138 days ago

ok now    

haha so he is not sorry for what his beliefs are , he is just sorry he did not pay someone off so that now everyone knows what he really thinks, gee great he could have just said "I am not racist , I hate everyone equally!!!!!" I would believe that about him.

138 days ago



138 days ago


really funny

138 days ago


In other words, I'm not sorry I said those vile things just sorry I got caught. What a slime bucket.

138 days ago


So true Mr Sterling. After all she put up with your farts in the face for 4 years so why not part ways generously? Anyways she getting paid and so are you. So I guess it works out to be a win-win. Master business man till the end!! Lol. Sterling swirling!

138 days ago

Whatever biotch     

At least he was honest...not like the "ho" who proved to be the best bait and switch Eva....

138 days ago


I think we need to focus a lot less on what was said and more on the fact that he is being punished for making non public statements that were illegally recorded. Furthermore TMZ is complicit in the perpetration of this felony.
The bottom line is that it doesn't matter if what he said was ignorant. He made those statements in private, and he has every right to say them, independent on whether the rest of the nation finds them palatable or not.
You guys are going to give up your right to freedom of speech to persecute the man because he is mildly racist. This has been carefully orchestrated. Talk about cutting off your own nose to spite your face

138 days ago


Even though he is clearly a racist, I think that his comment was based on a private conversation...We all have private conversations in which we express how we feel about certain people and issues around the world. He don't seem to be such a bad person since he has a huge list of charities that he gives money to on a regular basis. The fact that he was concerned about who else would see the photos of his jump off and Magic Johnson supports the finding that his other billionaire and millionaire counterparts are even more racist than he is.

138 days ago


Billy Roper is spewing extreme hate and violence in graphic detail as he is bridging the gap between skinheads and the kkk. He has some radio show or something like that, and even has a kids segment where his young boys try to reach the white kids to get ready for a race war. Hes even on a watch list, and yet no one knows what hate they should be trying to stop.

137 days ago
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