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Floyd Mayweather

My Ex DESERVES Abortion Shame

5/2/2014 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather says he told the world about his ex-fiancee's abortion because she DESERVED to be publicly shamed as a reaction to something she did to him. 

Mayweather sat down with Big Tigger from V103 and essentially ADMITTED to posting a photo of an ultrasound to social media along with a message blasting Shantel Jackson for having an abortion when she was pregnant with his twins.

During the interview, Floyd said he was told Shantel lost the babies in a miscarriage ... and only found out the truth when a member of the crew on his Showtime reality show saw a medical document that appeared to show Jackson had an abortion.

Mayweather then went on to blast Jackson as a desperate fame-whore who's in dire financial straits.

Floyd said he paid for -- and still pays for -- her mother's home. He also says Shantel sold the Bentley he bought her to have money to live on in L.A. 

He also took credit for giving her all of her Twitter and Instagram followers. 

He added, "I was in love with a person I didn't really know."

Floyd say he paid for Shantel to get all sorts of plastic surgery -- including a fake butt, fake breasts and face work. 

But the best part ... after slinging all of that mud, Floyd had the audacity to say he "respects everybody."

Earlier in the interview, he also said ... with a straight face ... "Your private life should be private." For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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Fancy face    

& I wouldn't want kids by a man I wasn't married to either. Just sayin!!!

176 days ago


He needs to get his ignorant, repulsive ass to his lawyer because she should sue that DOB for every penny he earned from living in the ghetto.
For a loathsome wretch who makes his living by lunching people to suddenly get weepy over the poor little fetuses that MAY NOT HAVE BEEN HIS is too ironic. Any chance he won't be a wife or child beater?
He'ss on a steroid soup diet to feed his massive, undeserved ego. In 10 years he will go broke as they all do (you can't go from welfare slum living to riches without blowing most of it in stuff you spent your childhood converting -sneakers are always in the mix with the black guys. Why?)
What if she DID have a miscarriage? He put the ultrasound up on social media -breaking all sorts of privacy laws and HIPPA regs- slandered her to hell and back and she MIGHT be grieving the loss of 2 babies?
Either she is terribly sad for the loss or she is very smart for aborting them and being done with this gangsta.
Next time, get knocked up by a real man and leave the brain damaged one to end up the Mohammed Ali.
Boxing isn't a sport. It's what animals turn to do for money when they can't get a real job.
Such a shame he wasn't aborted. Someone should post a picture of his mither's vagina if we're all sharing our private pictures. We ll have to get all the johns to kove out of the way first.

176 days ago


Good, she deserves all the negative press she gets

176 days ago


Damn all these women on her agree with abortion too I guess

176 days ago


First he said that they broke up because of the abortion. Then he says that he found out later on. Then he says she is a fame whore. Why wouldn't she have his kids so that she could get childsupport for them if she wanted the fame. She could have been know as his kids mother. He seems to have many stories which are so far from the truth. He sounds very bitter. She didn't ask him for any money and she is making it on her own. He really needs to leave her alone. He is very mad about her dating Nelly. He has other women talk about them and leave her alone. Oh and keep paying on her moms house.

176 days ago


he is so disgusting! But he's 5'8 and wasn't always a "pretty boy" so it looks like he's still insecure as hell.

176 days ago


When is this guy going to shut up.

176 days ago


stfu azzhole go find a new ghetto whore who will spread her legs for you and impregnate her.

176 days ago


Ha, idiot all heart broken kuz she's with nelly. Get a life tmt she dont want u..

176 days ago


I dnt think she was a gold digger bc if that was the case she wouldve kept the babies... i dnt know theres gotta be more to this story

176 days ago


What a piece of dung he is. Doesn't he already have a zillion kids? Talk about a carbon footprint! A woman's body-- a woman's CHOICE--you colossal dick head.

176 days ago


Is this the same guy who made it RAIN money on strippers.. ? And you old idiots are on HIS side? a woman's body-- a WOMAN'S CHOICE! Don't forget it.

176 days ago


Her choice... THE RIGHT CHOICE! Because SHE made it regarding HER body.

176 days ago


Even gold diggers think Floyd is too much of a s***. Floyd ur effed up socially and your boxing record don't mean anything unless u fight the peoples champ: manny pacquiao

176 days ago


Mayweather is a vile and disgusting human being! As soon as everyone realizes that and stops supporting his obnoxious behavior and funding his outrageous lifestyle the sooner he waste the fortune and goes away!

176 days ago
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