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Floyd Mayweather

My Ex DESERVES Abortion Shame

5/2/2014 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather says he told the world about his ex-fiancee's abortion because she DESERVED to be publicly shamed as a reaction to something she did to him. 

Mayweather sat down with Big Tigger from V103 and essentially ADMITTED to posting a photo of an ultrasound to social media along with a message blasting Shantel Jackson for having an abortion when she was pregnant with his twins.

During the interview, Floyd said he was told Shantel lost the babies in a miscarriage ... and only found out the truth when a member of the crew on his Showtime reality show saw a medical document that appeared to show Jackson had an abortion.

Mayweather then went on to blast Jackson as a desperate fame-whore who's in dire financial straits.

Floyd said he paid for -- and still pays for -- her mother's home. He also says Shantel sold the Bentley he bought her to have money to live on in L.A. 

He also took credit for giving her all of her Twitter and Instagram followers. 

He added, "I was in love with a person I didn't really know."

Floyd say he paid for Shantel to get all sorts of plastic surgery -- including a fake butt, fake breasts and face work. 

But the best part ... after slinging all of that mud, Floyd had the audacity to say he "respects everybody."

Earlier in the interview, he also said ... with a straight face ... "Your private life should be private." For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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she had a abortion because they probably wasnt his..HAS anybody ever thought about that?

174 days ago

Northwest Airlines    

Floyd MayWeather no matter how he puts it he still full of **** he is a womanizer, beater, manipulative little person all these rich guys do is go give all their money away to these girls buying them breast cars, homes, butt implants, and etc nobody put a gun to your heads making you do this... In the end when things don't go your way you want to go tell everything you bought for that person. Floyd you are a ugly man. I don't care how much money you have you are ugly you should I knew better you was going to get used. Now stop that crying over some chick and go win that fight you have coming up.

174 days ago

She's baaaack    

Stupid dlck. If you didn't want spawn why didn't you wrap your fun stick up? I guess you'd be too much of a man for that, right? Can you prove she had an abortion procedure and not a spontaneous abortion followed by a D&C? I didn't think so. Assh0le.

174 days ago

Njonjo Ndehi    

She's a despicable baby murderer.

174 days ago


I wish more ppl would have ACTUALLY READ the ultrasound report..,it said the fetuses were INTRAUTERINE meaning those babies were inside her tubes and had ZERO chance of survival....that pregnancy put both mother and children in danger...when the pregnancy becomes deadly you abort...she now has a chance @ a healthy pregnancy in the future with a man who isn't a total Douche Lord! My God Floyd is a supreme A-hole., he only tried to shame her after she moved on happily with another man...smh...nothing worse than a man who can't stay outt his feelings...I can only imagine this is but a sliver of the complete Bitch Floyd really is...that poor woman stayed in that relationship. Waaaaay too long ...

174 days ago


It makes me sick when women and some men go television pounding there fist about its a woman's right. A woman or s man doesn't have that right such as Louisville coach Rick Pitino who paid for his lovers abortion. What kind of example does that set for his players. If you get a girl pregnant just abort the baby, that's what that tells them. Rick might even pay for it with his slimey money. People will say it's thr the law. A law doesn't make things morally correct. Abortion is a genocide. Slavery was also legal by the law, but it was still wrong. Not every law is correct. How may federal and local state laws are stupid. The law has to be corrected sooner than later. Americas population would be 200 million or so more without abortion.

173 days ago


This woman is a coward for having an abortion! The only thing worse than an absentee father is a murderess mother. And the women on here commenting that she was right are cowards too.

173 days ago
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