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Marc Anthony

Rails on the Stand

It'd Be 'Tragic' To Pay Her More Child Support

5/2/2014 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marc Anthony
should change his name to Shakespeare after the drama that just unfolded on the stand in his bitter child support case -- he said it would be "tragic" to pay his ex-wife more child support than he's already giving her.

Marc took the stand Friday, claiming the increase in child support Torres is seeking -- from $13,000 a month to $113,000 -- would be detrimental to his and Torres' children because it's simply excessive.

Anthony insisted he already pays all the costs in relation to his children's needs.

Additionally, Anthony said Torres has historically mismanaged her finances and it would be "tragic" to have that much money at her disposal.


No Avatar


He makes at least 1 million a month !! Share Mark !!

176 days ago


She doesn't really need a job at a on the 13K she's already getting. Who wants to bet he will foot the bill for any & everything they want or need on top of child support? If she wasn't so money hungry, she'd be able to get that money AND he'd buy her a house to live in. She'd be set. No, she wants to squirrel away the money so she'll be rolling in it when the kids age out and she gets nothing.

176 days ago


Child support in California means supporting the Ex and the children . Pay up sucker

176 days ago


$13,000 is enough already...

176 days ago

boo boo    

Offer a lump sum to make her go away forever. Betcha she takes it.

176 days ago


That's ****ing ridiculous! She's not gonna use any of that for the kids. Gonna be out shopping and getting plastic surgery. It's actually very disgusting.

176 days ago


Dude the only reason she was with your sawed off ass is because you're rich so take cay yo kiiidz.

176 days ago

boo boo    

I hate it when I "forget" about the farm I own. Oopsies!

176 days ago


What a cheap ass! You wanna give the woman an extravagant life while u were with her, then you better pony up the money when your no longer with her because no amount of money can be given for the kids she popped out for you!

176 days ago


Don't fight Mark remember that some time ago she told you and you believer her......welcome to the group was lied too. You are not special no matter how much talent,famous and money. We (men) are always equal....the only differents it's who lost more money and how much time take you to learn the lesson. (Special for gold digger now you can click arrow down).

176 days ago


too bad the court always sides with the mother. try getting the kids. not too many women like j lo be lucky its not with kim k . wait till you see how she lives off the money kanye will be pay ing after the divorce

176 days ago


Leave the man alone! $13,000 a month in child support and she can't make that work?? That is a bunch of bs. $113,000 is WAY too much. She wants him to support her and the kids. No dummy...the kids are his responsibility AND yours too. Get a job and contribute. I am darn sure that the man takes care of his kids like he is supposed to. Stop being a money hungry hooker and do something for yourself and and your kids. You really want them growing up knowing that daddy made the mommy lived off of him? Dumba**. Way to make 'em proud.

176 days ago


*knowing that daddy made the money and mommy lived off of him....*

176 days ago


It really could be tragic,she could soon be walking around looking like Michael Jackson..

176 days ago


So many ignorant people. The kids are entitled to the same quality of life as their father. He is a selfish bastard and needs to pay. Yoyome: He earned his dough. You got to be kidding me! Nothing he has done has earned him the enormous amount of money he has. No one earns that amount of money. Right place , right time, luck and a little bit of talent.
He shouldn't of had kids if he didn't want them to have the same life he has.

176 days ago
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