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Donald Sterling

First Black Ally

5/3/2014 11:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Sterling apparently prefers black models to Barbara Walters, because hours after rejecting Babs, he got all handsy with a beautiful black model at a Beverly Hills hotspot.

TMZ Sports got the photo ... Sterling made a beeline Friday afternoon from the Four Seasons Hotel in Bev Hills to the Beverly Hills Hotel, where he dined with 3 women and 2 men at the famed Polo Lounge.

We're told Donald had some wine at the table and was little tipsy, when he got up to leave and a beautiful black model named Jasmine and her boyfriend got up from the bar and followed him to the front of the restaurant.

We're told Jasmine asked Sterling if she could take a photo with him, and he responded, "I'm not that popular right now.  Are you sure?'  Jasmine said she was game, and her boyfriend -- who is white and Jewish -- snapped away.

Jasmine tells TMZ Sports ... Sterling then told her repeatedly how beautiful she was and put his hands around her several more times.  Jasmine tells us, "He was definitely checking me out.  He wasn't really looking at my face that much."

As for how Jasmine feels about Sterling, she says,  "It's 2014.  I feel that everyone is a little bit racist and comedians joke about it all the time.  But yeah, I do think he's racist."

But it wasn't all smooth sailing for Sterling.  Inside the Polo Lounge a black guy angrily stared him down the entire meal.

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"It's 2014. I feel that everyone is a little bit racist and comedians joke about it all the time. But yeah, I do think he's racist."


171 days ago


15 mins of fame for this hungry wannabe model. She dines and takes pictures with him, sells her story and says he's racist hoping to get noticed.

171 days ago

Pillsbury Pancakes    

Attention whore fame seeker. She's not even black. How can someone with the skin tone of a Carmel, no grammar problems, straight hair and a white Jewish boyfriend be considered black?? I'm pretty certain if our wonderful community of African American women elected a representative, "jasmine" would not be her.

171 days ago

Just A Random Thought    

Another HORSE FACE!!!

171 days ago


This a$$ did nothing illegal..last I heard freedom of speech was not criminal. Yet,he is being treated like a mass murder. JayZ was a drug dealer,thats criminal,yet he owns an NBA team. Sterling is sick,maybe mentally at his age,but he did nothing criminal..stupid,is not against the law.He will sue the NBA and hopefully expose all owners and NBA office for what it really is.

171 days ago

Ben IncaHutz    

Slave owners used to rape their slaves on a regular basis. One of the founding fathers of this country raped his slaves and even had kids by her(look up Sally Hemming). Donald Sterling thinks he is in pre-civil war America. He thinks black women are for his person enjoyment. Where was his wife while he was molesting this unknown black model? I wonder how old the boyfriend of this model happens to be. I'm pretty sure he is much, much older. There is alot of prostitution in Hollywood.

171 days ago


People need to stop being so sensitive, and stop crying over spilt milk.Its 2014, and the reason people get all crazy over racial stuff is probably because of deeper rooted issues, plain and simple

171 days ago


Is this why Jesus got mad in the temple? Is this about race or money? Looks like its coming down to religon. The over all point is hes a bad human.

171 days ago


Gimme a break. Where's she black at...her pinky toe???

171 days ago


dumbass TMZ, are the only ones who are rasict here and sterotypical.....

This woman that Donal Sterling is posing with is obviously NOT black, if anything she is mixed with more dominent Latino and/or white in her she clearly looks puerto rican/dominican if anything so to call her FULL BLACK is just ignorant tmz u stupid asses and your sensationaism news reporting

171 days ago


That chicks is obviously mixed race. Therfore she can not represent the black community as being his black ally. If whites dont have to claim mixed race people as their own then dont throw them into the black pile either .. gtfoh tmz

171 days ago


Fame ratchet ho.

171 days ago


He seems to have a preference because these "women" all have a certain kind of manly face on them.

171 days ago


That woman is not black!

171 days ago

Kelly Rollins    

You're a Racist in today's society if you disagree with Obama, Holder, or any other Black in Political power. Eric Holder cried exactly this last week, "Look how we're treated!" You have to earn respect, it's not given!

Look at Condi Rice, smart, talented, and did a great job in the White House administration...you never heard a word spoken that could be considered Racism!

Screw Racism, you're a tagged a Racist if you look sideways at a Black today! Please America, get on with your lives and SUCK IT UP CUPCAKE IF YOU DISAGREE!

There are too many other things more important than crying Racist in today's world...

171 days ago
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