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Don Cheadle

Screw Card Counting

Casinos are the Villains

5/4/2014 5:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don Cheadle doesn't know jack about card-counting, but he's definitely on Ben Affleck's side ... because he clearly thinks the casinos are the real bad guys

Our photog got Don leaving Locanda Portifino Friday in Santa Monica ... and the Oscar winner was on him game.  He knew it wasn't illegal to count cards, and he doesn't feel the least bit sorry for casinos which he thinks cross the ethical line all the time.

TMZ broke the story ... Ben was booted from the Hard Rock for allegedly counting cards at the blackjack table.

So, we gotta ask ...


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That's why they call it gambling and not winning.

140 days ago

Edddie Nash    

Don's best roles were as Super Crip Rocket in Colors, The Goat in the Earl The Goat Ma****ult Story, and Ice Trey in the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. I think he played a crip in the original Beverly Hills 90210 too.

140 days ago


Did the camera man really say counting cards is a new thing? Wow.

140 days ago


I believed that its nothing wrong with's not ilegal. It's just knowledge and technics about how play. Probrably the casino been doing the same for decades. When the people start doing the same they don't like because increase chance for players. Counting card dont mean that you going to win all the time...just increase your chances to win. Nothing bad with that !

140 days ago


It is interesting that the games are all set up to favor the casino in the long run, but if you have the skill to improve your chances of winning, as in card counting, they won't let you play. They don't call it cheating, but they still won't let you do it. Yet people seem to enjoy gambling regardless. Hmmm.

140 days ago


I see 91% of people on the poll agree. The casinos are the cheaters. Why are they allowed to fix games but if we want to count cards we're cheating? I say anything you can do without actually cheating should be allowed. Counting cards isn't easy. It's not like you actually know the cards 100%. You're still guessing.

140 days ago


How are the casino's crooks? They are not twisting your arm to gamble. If you want to gamble, you are taking a chance that you are gonna lose. That's why its called gambling.

Bottom line: you walk into a casino, you play by their rules. Affleck knew that, while card counting isn't illegal, it's still frowned upon and could get you banned. He was dumb enough to be way to obvious and get caught.

140 days ago


That's why I always buy my electronics at Bucks Super Stereo World. He's an honest guy

140 days ago


Ben decided to gamble, the casino didn't tell him to come there. it's cheating, does he cheatat poker too? this is a liberal for you, don't want to part with their money

140 days ago


Ben was not told to gamble, he chooses to gamble. he is a cheater and a horrible actor

140 days ago


People have jobs at casinos and have to support their families. So if you were a actor you wouldn't want someone bootlegging your movie. So think about the hard working people who work there. This hurts a lot people!

140 days ago


I didn't know Don was an oscar winner.

140 days ago


Casinos now pay 6;5 BJ instead of 3:2. Crooks!!!!

140 days ago


How is using your brain cheating? That just proves the casinos don't give a damn about people. They just care about the $$$ and want the stupid people to bring it to them, because they can't stand to give it back. That's why all of their games on in their favor. Not one have 50/50 odds, they are ALL in the house's favor.

140 days ago


if you talk to their camera guys they will use the footage, dumbest story in a long time , snore fest !

140 days ago
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