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Donald Sterling

Super Racist Comments About Celebs Alleged

In Super Ridiculous Court Filing

5/4/2014 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0504-donald-sterling-getty-02Donald Sterling made racist comments about everyone from Beyonce to Charles Barkley ... if you believe an ex-Clippers "janitor" who filed for a restraining order against Sterling -- except no one in their right mind would believe this guy.

TMZ obtained a copy of the court doc filed Friday by a Cliff Paul (yes, like the State Farm commercial) who claims he is ... related to Chris Paul, a former janitor for Sterling, and was technically savvy enough to bug Sterling's office for years. You get the picture ... this sounds like a crazy person.

In the doc, he claims to have heard Sterling have hyper-racist convos about Beyonce, Chris Paul, Shaquille O'Neal, and Kim Kardashian --  and most of the language alleged in the document is far too racist to even repeat.

Some tame examples -- Sterling allegedly said Charles Barkley's head looks like a "retread tire" ... and when George Zimmerman was acquitted, he allegedly said ... "Buy that guy a beer." According to the docs Sterling even went to an IHOP with Paula Deen just to laugh at Black dishwashers.

Not shockingly ... the absurd request for a restraining order was quickly denied in a Florida District Court.

No word if this will affect Cliff's contract with State Farm.

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shut up already about this guy, what is with this site, it used to have new interesting stories, now you just take one story and run it fifty different ways. Boring.

171 days ago

Robert Doxsee    

In California ,bussinesses can be sold , but legally a bussiness can not be TAKEN.! the NBA is all contracts,
being dealt with ? All Players have to finish the contract , to be payed , that is why THE COURTS WILL DECIDE THIS and the female V ,recorded it ILLLeagaly

171 days ago

Robert Doxsee    

It is Strange this happened in America , and at same time
over seas 200 females are kidnapped ,an sold into Slavery,Strange at SAME TIME. ! We do need to LOOK at the slave Mentally over seas . !

171 days ago

Robert Doxsee    

A Bussiness Can Not Be Taken In California ,where is the Government that Protects This . Or IS There NO Government In Calif.? ? ? ? Calif. LAWS Being Broken ? ? ?

171 days ago

Robert Doxsee    

IN Calif. ? ? ? if a bussiness can be Taken , ANY Idenity can BE TAKEN ? ? ? > ? and we wonder WHy there is Idenity Thieft

171 days ago


This set up/rigged series is great. The greatest sports storyline in a long time. The underdog, majority black team faces adversity due to the elderly, rich team owner's racist views and adulterous lifestyle, goes on to win the nba championship with golden boy Chris Paul in the forefront. The owner's wife and family are caught up in the scandal, first outraged by the betrayal of the monarch of their family, must come together to support the team and learn to forgive their monarch, while fighting public/ media shaming. This will make soooo much money. Donald Sterling was right, it's bigger than him. He will still own the team as even more money piles in. He is damn near 80, so he will end up giving up the team without actually giving it up. He can relax, enjoy the splurge of even more millions than he would get if he continued to own without scandal and really retire. Vendetta S. (mistress) get payed in full for her help in getting the public to believe the whole scandal. Which explains why she still lives in his home, drives the car he bought, and Donald was willing to consider an interview with Barbara Walters with her. Remember Vendetta S. has been quoted as saying she knows what she is doing. The nba gets their remember the Titans 2014 moment. The end. If the Clippers win, I will have no doubt sports, including the nba is fixed. This is the only thing that makes sense in this whole ridiculous sideshow.

171 days ago


So... you're putting up stuff that a Janitor said......
and that janitor 'RECORDED' someone's office without their knowledge?

It's all heresay.....
Pandering to more ILLEGAL recordings.....
Yet... TMZ still puts this up here?

Could anyone claim then, that Harvey drinks the blood of small children, and it should be posted cause someone 'CLAIMS' they have heard things??

You're really making people NOT like you TMZ.

171 days ago

D sleezy    

Next, TMZ is going to say Sterling is trying to revive Hitler (even through he's Jewish) is a pedophile who love little Latina girls, he is a atheist and he secretly worships Satan.

TMZ is really trying to pin this guy out to be a monster. What about Cliven Bundy TMZ??? BY comparison, he make Donald Sterling look like a saint.

It's like this site is reaching. SMH.

171 days ago


Yelp! TMZ loves to race bait! Actaully, all the media is capitalizing from stories that deals with race. They could care farther than getting the truth. Racism rules in this country, because it is so deeply rooted seated, and an evilish trait. Those that owns the media (non-black), loves to talk about race, because they know that they have it good in this country. The reason they have it good, is because the control everything in this country. Then loves to say, "its equal". They were allowed to live like civil human beings, while blacks were being tortured, burndt alive, raped, killed, worked from sun up to sun down, forbidden to read or write, women raped by masters, having bright kids, black men and women, only allowed to have sex with each other, just to produce more baby slaves, for the master. Such sad, evil human beings.

171 days ago


I really want this tranny to go down. How dare he/she? Wife sues her/him and she decides to releaseprivate conversations?

170 days ago
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