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Bryan Singer & Gary Goddard

New Accuser Sues ...

It Started When I Was 14

5/5/2014 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Bryan Singer and Gary Goddard have just been sued by another man who claims the showbiz honchos sexually assaulted him as a boy ... a campaign of abuse he says started when he was just 14.

The lawsuit was filed today on behalf of a John Doe -- now 25 -- who claims Goddard established an online relationship with him back in 2003, and it quickly escalated into nude video chatting. The accuser alleges Goddard masturbated during these video chat sessions.

When he was 16, the accuser alleges Goddard invited him to London where they engaged in anal intercourse. The accuser claims Singer got involved roughly a year later in 2006 following the London premiere after party for "Superman Returns."

He claims Singer and Goddard plied him with alcohol during the party and brought him back to a hotel room, where a muscular man forced him into submitting to Singer and Goddard's sexual advances.

The accuser claims he refused to have sex with Singer, so Singer asked him to sit on his chest and ejaculate instead. Singer has adamantly denied the allegations.

The lawsuit was announced during a news conference Monday by the accuser's attorney Jeff Herman, who also showed blacked-out photos of his client hanging out with Goddard and Singer on the red carpet. The alleged victim was not present during the news conference.

Herman says the accuser was inspired to come forward by his other client -- 31-year-old Michael Egan -- who is also suing Singer and Goddard (as well as others) with similar allegations of underage sex abuse.



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I have no doubts that these dudes are creepy young boy loving freaks but my question is 1) Where are all these kids parents when their children are heading out to nightclubs, parties and hopping onto jets for trips? Why are the parents never brought into question for allowing their minor children to socialize with GROWN MEN? Where do these parents think their kids are for a week when they are on trips? Where do these parents think the expensive gifts come from? The parents are guilty of neglect at the very least. The whole thing is disgusting on so many levels.

172 days ago



172 days ago

Abby S    

If this is true these guys will be locked up forever. No place in this world for pedophiles.

172 days ago


Just had a long talk with daughter about internet safety. I felt like I was being to harsh. After reading this I know I was in the right. This is very scary and preventable.

172 days ago


What am I missing? If this is true can't they simply prove it by pulling up chat and phone records?

172 days ago


Ugh, men gay or straight can be so sick deep down. Everyone has a secret hidden heart which is impossible to detect by even those closest to you. Not even a mother knows her own son :(

172 days ago


And this is what I've been waiting for I suppose. If someone is a child abuser, they generally abuse more than one child, or teen as this case is. I wonder if anymore will decide to come forward Sandusky style.

172 days ago


Hollywood pedo parties have been going on for years. Ain't gonna stop. Sick MFrs

172 days ago


For all you people saying "where all the parents," you must not be aware that child molesters nearly always seek out children from bad homes or with uninvolved parents. Like all predators, they look for easy prey. Children who aren't well protected are the easiest ones to exploit and abuse. This is nothing new.

172 days ago

Ca Girl    

I'm sorry but Bryan Singer looks like a creepy, beady eyed PERV!

172 days ago


Speaking as someone who was sexually abused as a kid by one of my parents friends son I avoided being alone with him so that I wouldn't continue to be molested. If these boys were being molested and stupid enough to continue to go to parties and go out of the country with them... then I have little sympathy. I understood at age 10 not to allow myself to be left alone with him. There has to be much more going on here. It looks more like money grab/15 min of fame . They may also be trying to blow the lid off this issue as a whole. Either way hopefully the truth will come out which it rarely does.

172 days ago

Sally M    

Who's the other man in the photo?

172 days ago


Herman gives me the creeps.

172 days ago


Very serious matter.However a teenager should be able to determine what's appropriate. Where were his parnets? I am not excusing the actions of perv. But why continue to go. There are those will explained he felt it was his fault, feelings of shame, etc. Devils advocate here gifts, money, opportunities.

172 days ago


So this victim says they had a Online realationship and naked video chatting when he was 14. Then at 16 he went and meet him. Why would you go meet him unless you wanted to be with him. And did the idiot not think that a guy who was jacking off to him on webcam would not try and hit on him. To many of these stories are such bullcrap and seems to be a easy way to try and get money from people.

172 days ago
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