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Paul Mooney

Hurls N-Word at Audience Member

During Arsenio Taping

5/5/2014 8:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Legendary comic Paul Mooney got downright racial during a taping of the Arsenio Hall show Monday night ...  spitting the N-bomb at an audience member in a performance that's being hailed as "the most embarrassing, disrespectful standup bombing ever."

Mooney -- who famously appeared on "Chappelle's Show" and wrote for Richard Pryor -- was booked to do a short standup bit on Arsenio ... but rambled on for more than 14 minutes in a bizarre routine that touched on everything from "Roots" to Obama to his admiration of an audience member's giant breasts.

But things really went off the rails when Mooney turned his attention to a black guy in the audience who he called a "bald-headed n**ga."

One person who was there tells us ... the crowd was stunned -- and sat in awkward silence as Mooney tried to transition into different material.

We're told it appeared producers were scrambling to cut him off and end the segment -- but Paul ignored the cues and kept going until a crew member used the P.A. system to interrupt him ... and a staff member went on stage to tell him to wrap it up.

One audience member tweeted about the scene -- saying, "OMG! I just witnessed THE MOST EMBARASSING, Disrespectful "standup" BOMBING ever by Paul Mooney @arseniohall I wanted to walk out!"

Eventually, Arsenio jumped in and helped end the segment in a respectful manner.
update_graphic_red_barThe bit that made air was severely edited down, but you could see that Mooney was rambling and making almost no sense. It ends rather abruptly after about three minutes. Check it out below.


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harvey is racist    

hey white people

you guys are doing toooooo much.

knock it of already.

81 days ago


It's funny ( not really ) but if you go to you tube dot com and search him, he goes off on Michael Richards for using that word plus when he is on dr Phil, he says he will never use that word again. He has always been a racist. And yes I have watched a number of his concerts. He must be fined and boycotted !!! ( but to take action against a black for any type of racism will never happen ).

81 days ago


Never understood why Chappelle had him on. He wasn't funny, just ignorant. Brain fried from all that cocaine.

81 days ago


In case people dont know Mooney. He is a very controversial "comic". He wrote for Pryor & we know the words Pryor used. I think now Mooney has done too much free basing with the late great Pryor. Shameful

81 days ago


Paul still in love with elizabeth taylor.

81 days ago


Probably in the early stages of alzheimers

81 days ago

Farrakhan Ashy Larry    

Which is worse, getting away with using the n word or getting away with killing a teen or killing your daughter? You got nerves to talk about double standards. "why can't I use the n word, it's unfair!" You white people are petty as f@ck.

81 days ago


Old age. Just like poor Mr Donald.

81 days ago


Michael Richards is disapointed with Paul.

81 days ago


TMZ has removed the "REPORT" tab from their comment section. I used this to report abuses by spam sites seeking money or who knows what. It's for certain that the crew at Harvey Inc will not monitor and prevent this abuse. I see them more often now that TMZ has removed the "REPORT" key. Were they getting to many reports about spam sites that they thought it was better to remove the option? Someone made a conscious effort to make the alteration. Prevent your spam and give back a useful tool. Why was it deleted?

81 days ago


Somebody actually watches Arsenio?

81 days ago


Seriously TMZ? Im starting to see what you are doing, posting all these disgrace stories about blacks to take the heat off of Donald Sterling.

81 days ago

Bob Dole    

Hasn't this ALWAYS been Mooney's shtick?

81 days ago

Choade McPooter    

Revered Ashy Larry, it is your turn to shine on the subject of every white person being the seed of satan. Have you met Blue Ugly? You two may have issues to debate in your mothers basements.

81 days ago

Edddie Nash    

Mooney is a legend.

81 days ago
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