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Chris Brown


From Alleged D.C. Beatdown

5/6/2014 9:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0506_chris_brown_bodyguard_fight_court_photos_launchBloody photos from the brawl allegedly involving Chris Brown, his bodyguard, and the D.C. man they're accused of brutalizing have just been released -- and they're gnarly.

A judge approved the release of the photos Tuesday -- the pics were entered into evidence by prosecutors during the recent trial of Brown's bodyguard Christopher Hollosy.

The bloody face belongs to Parker Adams, the man who says both Brown and Hollosy went ballistic on him in October outside a D.C. hotel -- punching him in the face for attempting to photobomb a pic Brown was taking with two girls.

0506_chris_brown_bodyguard_fight_court_photos_subHollosy has already been found guilty of assault. Brown has been locked up since March. His trial has been indefinitely postponed.


No Avatar

Wow ...    

I hear Raquel defending CB, he is the victim - don't cha know? I'm glad the system has him locked up for awhile, he is a violent man and does not deserve to walk the streets at will to snap, whenever someone looks at him "wrong".

141 days ago


For once the legal system seems to have put the criminal right where he deserves to be...hope he gets the max for his crimes.

141 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

That is not gnArley, it's a punch in the nose. Chris looks WASTED in his picture though. I think for him, he is in the right place right now. He needs to get it together. In TE end he will be grateful

141 days ago


Nothing new here people. Just another black guy being violent. Move along people we see this multiple times a day.

141 days ago


Gangsta !

141 days ago


Did those two girls ever say what happened?

141 days ago


Wow...what a bloody mess!!!.. not...whimp azz

141 days ago


That's it? Really? Lame. 👎

141 days ago


Judge stop playing and free my hitta cb

141 days ago


Good news for a change TMZ.

141 days ago


Also, dude looks a little like Nick Cannon with hair!

141 days ago

Rectum? Damn Nearly Killed Him!    

Black on Black Crime... Nothing to see, keep moving....

141 days ago


I don't have any sympathy for Chris Brown, So my comment is related to sensationalism in general. It's annoying when articles call situations "bloody beat downs", and classify pictures as "gnarly", brutal and that sort of thing. These pictures are of someone who may have been hit in the nose. Judging by the small amount of blood on his shirt and the fact that his nose doesn't look swollen or disfigured, it's entirely possible that the defense will say it was an accident - and, without other evidence or witnesses, they could win. I know they have witnesses, etc, but if these pictures were all they had it would be a hard sell.

I've had my nose broken in a fight. The nose is one of the places on our bodies that bleed the most when impacted. The blood flows and flows. Sure, he has blood on his shirt, but it's hardly enough to warrant something being called gnarly or a beat down.

Also, the lack of visual injuries to his nose indicate there wasn't a whole lot of force. Noses swell up FAST when they're injured, and a break is typically visible.

He probably didn't deserve to get hurt, and Chris Brown's reputation is clearly a bad one, but this is true sensationalism of the man's injuries.

141 days ago

John J. Nazarian, P.I.    

Since when have we confused 'Body Guards' with misplaced ghetto thugs? I love that these jerk offs who fancy themselves as 'celebrities' hire 'empty suits' to beat innocent people of up! Pull that crap in L.A. do it in other parts of the country and pay baby pay!
Hire professional people with common sense and keep you ass out of jail, not have to pay bail, not have to pay that nit wit lawyer of yours and the best part, you wont have to pay the victims of your attacks!
Other than that enjoy your new digs and enjoy the sex, sex in the County Jail is always fun, enjoy!
John J.Nazarian, Private Investigator

141 days ago


Wait so he saying both chris Brown AND the body guard beat him up im not saying he's lying but i've seen the rihanna pictures and that was only when chris hit her.

141 days ago
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