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Miley Cyrus

Bizarre London Speech

Smoke Weed & Get Laid Kids!!!

5/7/2014 9:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus Speech London ConcertMiley Cyrus taught her teen audience in London a very important lesson Tuesday night -- 1) quit smoking cigarettes ... and start smoking weed instead ... because weed will keep you young and get you laid.

Cyrus was performing at the O2 arena when she smelled cigarette smoke and went off on a bizarre rant about how she no longer smokes cigarettes because they're bad for her health and her looks ... but WEED is a whole other story ...

You gotta take a listen -- she also says, "I'm cracked out on B vitamins."

She can't stop. She won't stop.



No Avatar


Mannn I bet Liam is thanking God he didn't marry this little girl

148 days ago


Only dump people run around saying "weed is the best thing in the world" fyi a weed smoker would never do thhat he would just keep it for him/herself, damn she's trying so hard to be wild and crazy butt she ends up looking dump

148 days ago


What REALLY happened to her?
She was engaged to get married to an actor, and BOOM she goes nuts when that was over.
Did he cheat on her all the time they were together?
Did he after the last fight admit that he was only with her for publicity?
Did he refuse to end the relationship, but she ended it anyway? His payback was to somehow abuse her? Maybe even raped her, just a theory. And how is she going to report something like that? Both in the public eye, and she was just told by everybody to forget it, but instead she went nuts like we see her now. And he as a final payback made it seem like he left her by going out with others openly while people thought they were still engaged.
My theories make sense to me. That girl is so off the rails, she got wrecked a long time ago.

148 days ago

L. Ron Hubbard -Scientologist    

Please , stay in England !

148 days ago


Shut up and make a porn. We been waiting

148 days ago


I thought it wad the Biebs.....

148 days ago


White Trash is all she is. Drug head s l u t!!!!!!

148 days ago


She has the ugliest, boyish body.

148 days ago


WHAT...A...PIG!!! Great job Billy Ray and Tish! Maybe ya'll should be going to church!!!!!!!

148 days ago


I can't wait til she has her own daughter's, my son's are gonna have field day with hers. Plenty of grass and a closet full of condoms. Thanks whore.

148 days ago

The Zombie    

There are either a bunch hypocrites or a bunch of prudes around here. I know I spent a lot of time smoking dope and getting laid when I was a teenager, and there's no way I'm going to sit at a computer and whine that it's bad for you.

148 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    


148 days ago


Please somebody hit her with the shover !! Twice !!

148 days ago


No one has ever Overdosed from smoking weed, but it can cause lung cancer

148 days ago

Sirius Master    

I love seeing how pissed off you people get about this ****. Goood .....goooood.....hahaha

148 days ago
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