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Shovel Girl Video

Cops Conduct Criminal Investigation

5/7/2014 2:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


It's all fun and games until someone gets hit in the head with a shovel ... but TMZ has learned police are investigating the infamous "shovel girl" video ... and assault charges now loom.

By now you've seen the video ... two girls are fighting when one grabs a shovel and throws it at the other ... nailing her in the back of the head as she hightails it out.

Now a rep for the Miami County Sheriff's office in Ohio tells TMZ ... they've assigned a deputy to investigate after they were contacted by the girls' high school. Maj. Steve Lord tells TMZ ... the girl who threw the shovel could be charged with assault or disorderly conduct.

We think we know what Exhibit A would be ...


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Really TMZ. It's battery, not assault! Dumb asses.

136 days ago


This post was very entertaining, kinda like Jersey shore. No matter what you think of them personally at the end they're fun to one shouldn't be charged over this foolishness. I just hope shovelhead takes that injury that almost made her deaf as a lesson to calm down a little. She may not be that lucky next time in her next confrontation.

136 days ago


If you watch the whole video the girl in the PINK is a bully to the one in black following her home. So like any other person pushed too far the girl in the black snapped and beat her ass.

135 days ago


Two violent btches hope charges are filed against them both. If they were black you hypocrites would be bitching about it being an every day occurrences and than getting off with your racist comments so nothing funny about any violence regardless of color if you don't like what I typed than don't fkn read it.

135 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Hire her!
Ninja girl is a marksman with a shovel.

135 days ago


You know here lately everyone has been wanting to put a stop to bullying. Well the girl in the black shirt just laid the blue print on how to do it. Besides the girl in pink would never have been hit if she would've listened the first 9 times she was told to leave the property. And the girl in pink should be charged with trespassing. Let's not forget she was the first to commit a crime which led to all this.

135 days ago


When the girl got hit with a shovel, this is no different then the right to bear arms, if someone came to your home to attack you or break in to your home, what are you going to do.

135 days ago


I feel as though the video missed part of the fight - at the end the girl said she kicked her ass, that could've happened! what if this video only shows her acting in distress and defence? Social Media these Days and crazy kids!

131 days ago


The girl told her to leave, and she refused. You people and your gun laws insist on the right to defend yourselves. How is this any different?

129 days ago


That was the first thing I thought, "Aggravated assault or what??" Nobody wants farm equipment thrown at them from behind ... lol

126 days ago


That was my first thought - "Aggravated assault or what?" Like who wants farm equipment thrown at them from behind, lol.

126 days ago
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