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Shovel Girl Video

Cops Conduct Criminal Investigation

5/7/2014 2:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


It's all fun and games until someone gets hit in the head with a shovel ... but TMZ has learned police are investigating the infamous "shovel girl" video ... and assault charges now loom.

By now you've seen the video ... two girls are fighting when one grabs a shovel and throws it at the other ... nailing her in the back of the head as she hightails it out.

Now a rep for the Miami County Sheriff's office in Ohio tells TMZ ... they've assigned a deputy to investigate after they were contacted by the girls' high school. Maj. Steve Lord tells TMZ ... the girl who threw the shovel could be charged with assault or disorderly conduct.

We think we know what Exhibit A would be ...


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I don't know about you guys but I'm suck and freakin tired of TMZ trying to force iPhone apps down my throat by having their site redirect me to download stupid sh@t I don't want! Hope I'm not the only one so complain of you aren't

134 days ago


Nice ass, gray pants! Keep that in shape. By the looks of this incident, it may be your best asset in life.

134 days ago


That seriously could have injured her. Anyone who's held a shovel before knows how heavy they are. I hope the girl is okay and learns from this. Stop associating with low class, low intelligence, trailer trash! Clean your life up! And throw that emo hillbilly in jail.

134 days ago

Roman Moroni    

Sounds like they are reading from a script & someone took a shovel

134 days ago


Pink shirt chick should've left!!!!!!!

134 days ago

Just My Opinion    

OMG! She hit that girl hard, and then she fell and hit the side of her head again. family of that girl. Don't stop until justice is served. That was so f*cking uncalled for. Please put this b!tch in solitary confinement, with nothing but pictures of shovels to look at all day and night long. Give her azz a half a slice of stale bread and a tiny bit of water to wash it down with.

134 days ago


They should investigate all the.other.thousands of videoes that have violence in.them

134 days ago


What about stand your ground law? She was defending herself on her own property. Do you need to use a gun for the law to take effect?

134 days ago


I just watched the "full" video...seems like they both wanted to fight..

134 days ago

tray morris    

Please, bully girl did NOT die! She went looking for a fight and got one. Don't like the shovel? Next time woman up and fight Sharkiesha, she got them hands for you!

134 days ago


The whole fight was stupid and shovel head should've booked awhile ago. She won. She gloated. She got hit with a shovel. FYI: Girl's alive. Death was a hoax. Feel free to keep bashing. :)

134 days ago


You all need to watch the ENTIRE VIDEO (search for it). It appears that the girls got together to fight solely for the purpose of creating a viral video. There's an 8 minute video of the COMPLETE EVENT in it's moronic glory. The reason she should be charged is because we the tax payers might have been stuck with a 300k hospital bill for the head wound and rehab. Or worse, a lifetime of therapy and welfare. Seriously, that's the real reason we can't beat the crap and disable people. The real reason for helmet/seatbelt laws etc., ALTHOUGH, it would appear the girl was already brain damaged to begin with so maybe the girl with the shovel should be charged for not finishing the job.

134 days ago


Sure looks like a case of bullying.. The girl with the shovel appears to be by herself or maybe she had one friend. The redhead had at least 3 friends with her including the one recording.

134 days ago


Ting! That sound tho. The most hilarious video I've seen this YEAR.

134 days ago


They didn't show the full video, the girl in the pink came to her house and starting assaulting the other girl

134 days ago
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