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Bryan Singer

Lawyer Vows to Sue Accuser's Lawyer

You're a Fame Whore!

5/8/2014 6:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer repping the 2 clients who have accused "X-Men" director Bryan Singer of sexual molestation is a disgraced, shameless fame whore who is concocting phony lawsuits so he can get in the movies ... so claims Singer's lawyer.

Legal pit bull Marty Singer has sent attorney Jeff Herman a scathing letter -- obtained by TMZ -- warning him he is going to be sued for maliciously attempting to destroy Singer's reputation and life.

Singer says both cases are baseless -- claiming the allegation by Michael Egan that the director molested him in Hawaii is absurd, because Singer wasn't even in the state during the time in question.  And Singer says the allegation involving another boy -- that Singer molested him in England when he was 16 is not only false, but the age of consent in that country is 16.

Singer says Herman didn't want the facts to get in the way of his lawsuits because it would deprive him of his "moment in the spotlight." 

Singers writes ... Herman was suspended by the Florida bar for "dishonesty and deceit" and these lawsuits are an attempt "to revive your career after being so publicly and embarrassingly suspended." 

And Singer says ... Herman is preening for the media both to make money and "to obtain an entree into a documentary film that we understand you are seeking to promote and in which you want to be featured."

Singer is demanding that Herman immediately drop the lawsuits ... or else.



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and your client is a pedophile.

169 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

This is typical Lawyer bullcrap. All an attorney is obliged to in legal ethics, is to take his/her client at his word. Believe me, in 99% of personal injury cases I work on, the plaintiffs attorney knows in his heart his client is lying about severity of injuries,etc., but this is allowed because everyone should be entitled to their day in court. That's why we have juries. Tey decide the validity of the claim. This guy is just trying to embarrass and humiliate the other attorney. We will stop hearing about all this real soon once there is a confidential settlement, and Singer will say they paid the plaintiffs off the avoid the cost of defending himself, which is the oldest trick in the book for celebrity defendants. see Michael Jackson

169 days ago


Boy, Bryan Singer must REALLY want this to go away.
But if he thinks he can do it without paying off a string of these guys, he's mistaken.
Your money or your life, Bryan. You decide.

169 days ago


No wonder the Brits put up with all that rain....16 is the age of consent.

169 days ago

*Who Carez Bitch*    

Come on you fame whore bend over and take it like a bitch LMFAO 😜

169 days ago


EVERYONE in this situation are sick creeps from the sexual deviants on down to the sleazy lawyers.

169 days ago


Bryan Singer's Lawyer to the other Lawyer: You're going to be anally raped worse than a teenage boy at a Bryan Singer party.

169 days ago


Sick sick people even some of you commenting. Uggghhhh

169 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Homosexual Crimes-against-Children....Federal immunity. and Rave Section
"The House of David:
The Nina, The Pinta, and You Are?"

169 days ago


Guilty or innocent, Bryan Singer has one of the creepiest creeper faces around.

169 days ago

Tammy LM    

Now that's amazing. One lawyer accusing the other lawyer of dishonesty and deceit. LOL REALLY?

Nice intimidation tactics. You copy that straight out of the law books or did you make any of it up along the way? You think they'll buy it though. lol

Your client is accused of having sex, even rape with underage boys and the best thing you come up with to defend him is to say, "The age of consent in England is 16"???

Hey, if I ever need a lawyer remind me never to hire you.
You sure do have some big balls barking those orders at the accuser's atorney. Let's see what a jury will see if he doesn't back down. Shall we?

Your client that you claim is innocent is being accused by MULTIPLE accusers now. The other guys that were accused of the same thing jumped ship and fled the country because they were guilty of the same exact thing your client is now accused of. They were also partying WITH your client and were friends of your client during that time.

Your client and other gay men he hangs out with and by the way are now also being accused were attending private parties and even public events with teenage boys as their tag-a-long guests. Hey, Just Like Michael Jackson did. Why would gay men insist on bring teen boys to red carpet events, private mansion parties, fly them to other states or even countires to "hang out"? You really want a jury to "draw their own conclusions" on that?
Do you? You best tell you client to get out his checkbook.

169 days ago


The sad part in all this is how prevelant it seems to be. Raz B from B2k, mentioned he and a number of members of his group were molested while teenagers. Most people thought he was nuts until he secretly recorded a conversation where a major music & reality star mentioned gays ran Hollywood, he got calls for dates from gay studio heads because they got the incorrect impression he was one of the ones molested in the B2k mess, and the guy was afraid his career would be over if he said anything negative against gays. Gays ran Hollywood in his observation. Another successful B2k member, who cannot shake the gay rumors, basically asserted gays ran the industry and his career would be easier if he in fact was gay. Even Katt Williams has a routine where he talks about Hollywood parties and special rooms. I cannot believe with how prevelant and widespread this is the authorities have not done anything about it.

169 days ago


Whether bryan is guilty or not. He still looks like a pedophile.

169 days ago

Kat E    

The damage is already done I can never watch one of his movies or shows without wondering if the children actors were treated ok.

169 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

Marty Singer will have this guy's balls for lunch. I just laugh when these nobodies and their fourth rate lawyers go up against moguls and their ace legal teams. It is a fvcking blood bath in the making. These little fruit cakes thought they were going to sail in with their accusations and walk away with a pot of gold. LOL.

169 days ago
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