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Shelly Sterling

If We're Forced to Sell Clippers

I Want to Control Sale, Or Else

5/8/2014 10:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shelly Sterling will take legal action against the NBA if she doesn't have control over her interest in the event of a forced sale of the team.  But her lawyer says she is adamant ... the NBA has no right to strip her of her 50% ownership, because "she's an innocent victim."

Sources connected with the Sterling family tell us ... Shelly is actually more involved in the team than Donald Sterling, and she would definitely wants to remain an owner, even if Donald is forced out.

Shelly's lawyer, Pierce O'Donnell, tells TMZ Sports, he is currently in talks with the NBA in an effort to avoid a family sale.  O'Donnell is demanding that the NBA allow her to retain her 50% interest.  O'Donnell has explained to NBA honchos, Shelly and Donald have led separate lives for years, living miles away from each other, and they do not share the same views.

O'Donnell says, "She's done nothing wrong.  She's an innocent spouse," adding, "Shelly loves the team and she will resist any effort to strip her involuntarily of her ownership interest."

And, even if a court orders an involuntary sale of the team, Shelly will demand that she have the power to control the sale.  She fears if the sale gets hung up for years in litigation, it would grossly devalue the team.

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White witch. And yes, I'm white.

170 days ago

Karvey Kardashian    

Does no one find it odd that the woman who released the tapes has been defending him? S.T.D. Stiviano says he is not a racist, and she is upset about his lifetime ban. The wife is most likely defending his lame racist a$$ because she does not want to lose the team. What reason would Stiviano have for defending him?

170 days ago

nick anthony    

1st amendment right to free speech, weather you like what he said or not. Sterlings gonna win, NBA's gonna spend millions and lose, ticket prices thru the roof. Who cares.

170 days ago


If I were a player and she stayed on as a owner I would demand to be traded. No one is married to someone that long and not know what was going on. He was racist in his other business ventures so who is she trying to fool! No one of color is going to make you richer lady! Guilty by association.

170 days ago


"Shelly is actually more involved in the team than Donald Sterling, and she would definitely wants to remain an owner"


170 days ago


Hell no she is as radio as he, they are two pea in a pot.

170 days ago


she shouldnt get to keep her percent if he can reep the benefits from the team....she is the one who decided to marry the man so she must obviously share some of the views...

169 days ago


Seeing as he completely controls her (see the video of them at dinner after the scandal broke for proof) it wouldn’t be any different than letting him keep ownership. The NBA just needs to find completely new ownership and be done with this psycho family.

169 days ago


Good for her. Sterling is a real jackass and his little "archivist" girlfriend is out to ruin him. (She said archivist, giggle giggle.) A man of his wealth and position should have used professional hookers instead of that trashy little half crazy nutjob he's been playing with. Shelly cares about the team and her investment. Her children are involved in running that organization. If it was me I'd want MY team or every single penny that is due me before I walked away. And the next step would be dumping that stupid husband. He is a big liability for her and her family.

169 days ago


Just because he made some bad choices dosent mean he should Have to sale Clippers. That is wrong. Witch is starting back. No one is perfect! If we keep this up ,people will go after people with lots of cash, and ruin there life's !!!!! No one will be able to have will be able to say any thing with out losing every thing!! Let us keep our rights of freedom of speech , like it or not. That is what the USA is about,and what we fought for! So many people died for the right to FREEDOM of speech!!!! Stop witch hunts!! If we don't have tolerance for every one ,God will judge you the way we judge others!!!!!!!! Jesus is tolerant to all if we are tolerant to others! God Help us ALL. God Bless, J.

169 days ago
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