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Shelly Sterling

If We're Forced to Sell Clippers

I Want to Control Sale, Or Else

5/8/2014 10:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shelly Sterling will take legal action against the NBA if she doesn't have control over her interest in the event of a forced sale of the team.  But her lawyer says she is adamant ... the NBA has no right to strip her of her 50% ownership, because "she's an innocent victim."

Sources connected with the Sterling family tell us ... Shelly is actually more involved in the team than Donald Sterling, and she would definitely wants to remain an owner, even if Donald is forced out.

Shelly's lawyer, Pierce O'Donnell, tells TMZ Sports, he is currently in talks with the NBA in an effort to avoid a family sale.  O'Donnell is demanding that the NBA allow her to retain her 50% interest.  O'Donnell has explained to NBA honchos, Shelly and Donald have led separate lives for years, living miles away from each other, and they do not share the same views.

O'Donnell says, "She's done nothing wrong.  She's an innocent spouse," adding, "Shelly loves the team and she will resist any effort to strip her involuntarily of her ownership interest."

And, even if a court orders an involuntary sale of the team, Shelly will demand that she have the power to control the sale.  She fears if the sale gets hung up for years in litigation, it would grossly devalue the team.

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No Avatar


They're cut from the same cloth. We'll soon see that this performance she's provided...stating how she detests Sterlings beliefs....and his beliefs are not her own....will be found to be just that, a performance.

168 days ago


Shelly is a better business person than Donald, eh? Had she done a better job at home, none of this would have happened!

She pushed him into V's arms...errr, snatch!

168 days ago


Please DO NOT allow this racist Bytch to control the Clippers she is just as bad.

168 days ago

*Who Carez Bitch*    

Dear Shelly, Of course your more involved cause darling Donald is too strapped up with tranny V.Stiviano!

168 days ago

She's baaaack    

What she should do is take a few million and pay a crack investigative team to get to the bottom of who put the tranny up to it and why. There's a lot more to this than some stupid tranny getting revenge.

168 days ago


how did trailer park trash like this get so rich?

168 days ago


Demanding Bytch the best for you and your husband it's sale chip and move to Russia before Beverly and L.A. staring burning !

168 days ago


She's a racist...wanting to remain the owner of blacks.


168 days ago


NBA gonna spend millions on this one.

168 days ago


Did anyone think they would just give up something they spent 30 years building? Fight... Like anyone else would!

168 days ago


You don't always get what you want, honey. If you choose to be married to a racist pig, suffer the consequences of that choice.

168 days ago


Gonna get ugly. If the Sterlings hold onto ownership for a few more years, the Clippers will sell for millions more because of new cable contracts. Lawyers across America are thanking Robo-Whore. No wonder I can't afford a ****ing ticket and a beer to go to a game, ANY GAME, ANY SPORT.

168 days ago


Everyone assumed that the other owners will side with NBA. They won't! This storey all started with what the courts call hearsay, the NBA ran with it! Hence any other owner with anything at all in their lives to hide will not vote for the NBA. Would you vote to railroad someone if the same could easily happen to you on such flimsy evidence.

168 days ago


In other words,she wants to make sure no black people buy the team...ha ha..

168 days ago


How can you legally MAKE someone sell something they rightfully own?? That's bull$h*t. You may not like what the man said, but it's his personal opinion and POV, AND there's no way he knew that conversation was being recorded. Either way...it is his opinion. All of the people who want to force him to sell HIS team.. y'all wouldn't mind the entire world to know every single thing you've thought and said? You think every group of people would be happy with you? Would their discontent be reason enough to force you from your livelihood, or make you sell your car, or home, or anything else you own? What the he!! business is it of ANYONE to FORCE ANYONE to sell THEIR OWN $h*t, their own PROPERTY? It isn't!

168 days ago
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