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HGTV Show Cancelled

Christian Hosts Defend Beliefs

We Don't Hate Gays

5/8/2014 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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HGTV Show Cancelled Gay
Twin conservative Christian brothers -- whose HGTV show just got yanked -- say they're being unfairly crucified for their religious beliefs about gays ... but if their faith costs them a TV show then "so be it."

David and Jason Benham got word yesterday HGTV had pulled the plug on their remodeling show, "Flip It Forward" which was set to debut in October. The network didn't give a reason.

The news came after a website reported the brothers were anti-gay activists who had led prayer rallies against homosexuality. Their father is also a prominent anti-abortion crusader.

The Benham brothers tell TMZ ... as Christians, they've never discriminated against people who don't share their views, saying "Anyone who suggests that we hate homosexuals or people of other faiths is either misinformed or lying."

They add ... "With all of the grotesque things that can be seen and heard on television today you would think there would be room for two twin brothers who are faithful to our families, committed to biblical principles, and dedicated professionals."

The Benhams say they've been remodeling the homes of 6 families in Charlotte for the show -- and they plan to finish with or without TV cameras.


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Maybe these reality shows should do a little bit more research BEFORE they contract with idiots (RH, AI, etc.)

138 days ago


I'm not sure what they expected but I don't know many preachers or churches (especially in the south) that say being gay is okay or is in accord with the word of God. With 75% of the country being christians and less than half approving of gay marriage or being gay why is anyone surprised. You may not like their views but let them have a show. If people watch then it's what they want to see if not then cancel. Same thing with Donald Sterling. Is he a racist? Um, no but is he a predjuice and a bigot? Yeah. Being a racist isn't a crime and he shouldn't have to sell his team just don't go to the games and get traded from his team. I'll never understand people.

138 days ago


Glad they pulled the plug . There's no room for their kind of hatred and discrimination.

138 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

so by yanking their show, the network is stating that 1.their opinions or their 'values' are unconstitutional, violate the constitutional rights of this country and therefor, cannot be aired /should not be aired, they should not receive any airtime whatsoever (their personal opinion, whether they broadcast it on the show or not), 2. that they do not have a 'significant enough number of viewers to make the show profitable' (free market, capitalism, democracy), or 3.not enough people 'believe' in whatever views they are spouting, so keep them the hell off the air, out of the media (i.e. 'democracy', it's only 'worth representing ideals or values if enough people really consign to them, like porno, and lots of sex and lots of naked teens or 'youngsters', because everyone is in agreement, that that is worthwhile television, otherwise it would not be broadcast on every freakin channel, so just keep all the jesus freak kooks off the television screens, ok?)

138 days ago

kitten roulaine    

If someone asserts they do not agree with the way one engages in sex, they have that freedom. It all comes down to an act of sex, and nothing more. They don't agree with it and they can.

138 days ago


Gays always exaggerate and are drama, fickle and moody

138 days ago


Why are they idiots because they are Christian and believe in what God said. These gays have the world all backwards nobody can say **** or do anything without the gays going all crazy.

138 days ago


They look Gay!!

138 days ago


The world is made up of people with all kinds of views, who cares. If you feel its hate, why push it underground? Maybe we should leave it in the open where we can talk about it and maybe change it. (fyi, I am a lesbian)

138 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

As I've practiced -and taught- for DECADES:
How two CONSENTING-ADULTS conduct themselves
in private, is strictly between Them, and Almighty God.
Absolutely, nobody's business.
when this Abomination before The True and Living Yahweh, Creator of Heaven and Earth and All that is in them, is promoted, advocated, State-sanctioned, or
taught to be a "Good" and "Healthy" "Lifestyle"
to SCHOOL-CHILDREN, then comes Divinely-anointed
rejection and resistance.

How another chooses to embrace their own self-deceptions, is not my concern.
When a Divinely-inspired nation, MY nation, is
willfully blinded and deceived by "Corporate America", their bought-and-paid for Politicians, and
a State-serving "Media"?
This, simply shall not be tolerated.
Severe and lasting consequences, shall CONTINUE.

King David Vs. Goliath
King Hezekiah Vs. 185,000 Assyrians (Fed-Cowards?)
King of Kings, Christ Yeshua Vs. Death
The House, ALWAYS wins:
The Declaration of 2008
The Final Declaration
The 2013 Sentence
His Royal Highness Prince Michael of
The House of David

138 days ago


Sorry guys, just another pilot that isn't going to get aired. It happens most of the time. Filming a test pilot does NOT mean you are getting a show. Pilots get canned all the time for a variety of reasons. And if you think it is because of your religious beliefs instead of a test audience they showed it to then I would suggest you take your idea to the multitude of religious channels on TV.

138 days ago


Thank you HGTV....we have enough hate going on in the world with out them shoving it in our face some more.

138 days ago


Dumb hick Pat Robertson followers.

138 days ago


It's a free country! I don't get why people are pushing gays on us I don't hate them but I don't like them either

138 days ago


PPL really need to keep their personal opinions about `` anything `` to them selves anymore

B/C YOU will be hung out to dry!!!

138 days ago
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