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Forbes to Dr. Dre

Not So Fast ...

You're No Billionaire

5/9/2014 1:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Dre
better stop counting his chickens before they hatch -- calling himself the "first billionaire in hip hop" -- a rep for Forbes tells TMZ, once the $3.2 Billion Apple deal is finalized ... the rap mogul will NOT hit the billion dollar mark.

Forbes Assistant Managing Editor for Wealth tells us ...  they've done the math, and after state and federal taxes ... Dre will be worth in the neighborhood of $800 million.

It appears Dre only owns 25% of the company ... so the max he'd make off the sale is $800 MIL.   After state and federal taxes, he's left with $480 MIL, and when you add in Dre's other assets, that's how Forbes now comes up with $800 MIL.  Close but no cigar.

The editor says, "Not quite enough to debut on the Forbes 400 but plenty for bragging rights.”

In the words of Ice Cube ... check yo self before you wrickity-wreck yo self.



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LOL. I knew this was coming. If you dig deeper, he probably owes more than that in child support.

135 days ago

Eye roll     

Lets hear it for TMZ!!! Once again, they got it wrong in their first story.

135 days ago


How does Forbes know how much money dre has?? Wouldnt he know better than some magazine?

135 days ago


I'm confused if his net worth was $550 mill from the list Forbes just released and he now ads $480 million to that my math has him over a billion but what the hell do I know.....

135 days ago


He still has mo money than most of us .

135 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Dr. Chump:
Did you, and a WHOLE-LIST of Chumpsters think
"Keep, Keepin' On" was just a BOMB-A** Track?
Unlike all of you BIGOCRITE fakers....I talk the talk
and walk the walk.
ALL, in -NEAR- due time Bastards....YOU TOO, Randy...DAWG!

135 days ago


regardless he had a BILLION dollar idea and made bank off it.

135 days ago


at least he has a lot of coins in the bank and at least he not like other rappers that splash it on other people faces

135 days ago


LOL check yourself before you wrickety wreck yourself!!!!

135 days ago

Suzanne Marco    

I have to tell you Harvey, your show is going lower and lower and lower down the tubes because all you ever do is report on rappers..Get real!! Another issue I have a huge problem with is RAQUEL.. Make her shut up!! OMG.. this woman is so annoying & the ONLY time she puts her stupid comments in is when there's a black person you're talking about. She sounds and acts like she has only, if that, a 5th grade education. Speaking Ghetto like she does is such a huge turn off and she screams and yells and has ZERO in the class department.. I'm so over her and about the rappers you continually seem to feel are good subjects to report about. Who gives a damn? The reason why I'm commenting on this is because you had to there and make this sound as if it's huge news when no one really gives a damn.. get real..WHO CARES>??? Why can't you report on actual STARS? It's always TI, THAT POS CHRIS BROWN, the whole crew of rappers..some I’ve never even heard of and don’t want to. Class up your show and stop reporting on train wrecks! I‘m over your show so much now because all you do is report on people who simply don‘t matter and I‘ve even asked people my age, 33, who half of these rappers are..they have no clue either and don‘t care to.. First it was too much Bieber garbage.. A boy who has never reached puberty and you give him and the idiot Kartrashian’s waaaaaaay too much coverage..Tell Raquel to shut up and why she feels she has to speak only when it's about a black person. If it's about someone white she keeps quiet. Why is she even employed there?? She adds nothing good to the show except loud, obnoxious behavior !!! Seriously remove her..PLEASE.. She adds nothing good to the show at all.. I can only imagine what that yelling girl is like working next to. It must be the worst nightmare..

135 days ago

Stop Whining!    

tomAto tomato

135 days ago



135 days ago


They need to recheck the figures, with what he's now worth plus the 400 + m he'll be there.

135 days ago


TMZ can be freaking hilarious!

135 days ago


Who cares about that. The man never has to work again if he chooses not to.

135 days ago
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