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Blasts Apollo Nida On Cam

I Ain't Snitchin' Like You! [VIDEO]

5/9/2014 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

050814_ti_apollo_launchApollo Nida won't be comparing himself to T.I. anymore -- especially when it comes to snitching -- because the rapper and his boy Killer Mike put the fear of God into Apollo in Atlanta yesterday ... and the whole confrontation was recorded.

TMZ broke the story ... "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Nida copped a plea with the Feds in his wire and bank fraud case -- and part of the terms included Nida agreeing to become an informant to help catch other crooks. Aka snitching.

Nida tried to downplay our story with a tweet ... claiming T.I. and Michael Vick signed similar "snitching" deals in their cases. Big mistake, Apollo. 

T.I. and Mike caught up with Nida in a parking lot yesterday ... and made it extremely clear -- he better keep T.I.'s name out of  his mouth.

In the vid ... T.I. tells Nida their cases were not similar at all.

T.I.'s right ... we've seen the documents and his plea agreement with the Feds does NOT include a so-called snitching clause.  

Nida has since deleted the tweet -- and after what happens in this video ... safe to say he won't be saying, tweeting, or even thinking anything about T.I. again.


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Nida look like he would tell on a MF so he don't get that ass pop again, And the Brandon fight that was a lover thing DL all the way!

146 days ago


Bunch of criminals with money. Kids looking up to and idolizing TI. For what? Worst part is that this criminal compared himself to Bill Cosby. We wonder why people do not respect us, even when we have money.

146 days ago


If anyone makes this world a dirtier and more vile world to live in, I'd snitch like a muthafuka.

146 days ago


Ti has got to be at least 30 now. Time to grow up and act like a man. Rapper is another term for a person who grew up with no one to teach them what a man is. This is why even the ones with money get no respect from real men. These are teenagers with daddy issues that have not evolved into men. How does he see himself and think that he's cool or think that anyone with any class respects him?

146 days ago

red poison ivy    

Raquel from tmz is one of the dumbest, unintelligent, women on tv...she can not even talk or speak clear...Harvey why is that dumb bxxxh on the show she offers nothing and looks horrible i could do a better job than her. I wish you would get a black chick that can talk she is so embarrassing to me as a black women she keeps us looking stupid. Please.

146 days ago


Lets call it what it is snitching is snitching and at the end of the day you made a deal for less time

146 days ago



146 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

apollo lost credibility when he agreed to snitch and Mike Vick and T.I 's cases werent the same as Apollo. Vicks people dimed Vick. T.I always stands tall enough said. If I were Apollo if they gave me 1,000 years I wouldnt snitch, and for one reason, not even the code. My reason is if me and some other people were doing dirt together to get ahead in this harsh world, I would know of top that we all took a risk, a huge one and if i get caught, i dont want them in jail because i am. The only time i would tell is if someone hurt a child, thats it or a old person. The crimes Apollo did dont require being a rat. When I got caught stealing when i was young i did so with a friend, i didnt say,"oh, you got me and not the guy right beside me doing the same thing, he stole to and his name is...." no , we both was trying to get ahead because we were struggling, it was WRONG, i was young and dumb and make no excuses, I was wrong, WRONG but even at 20 as a kid(Im 40 now so trust me, 20 your still a kid) I was just dumb. Since then, no more stealing, PERIOD!!!!! I didnt tell then because I knew we both were dirty and just because i get arrested doesnt mean we both should and hopefully thats VICE VERSA! Do your time, stop justifying what you did, PERIOD. NEVER speak on a mans case like that either, not cool, especially if you dont know them!!! LGNM

146 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

Apollo is a dumb azz. Typical snitch looking to see who he can go around calling a snitch. He's lucky T.I isn't stupid enough to put hands on him.

146 days ago


He should read a dictionary while he's in. Maybe his vocabulary will improve.

146 days ago


Wow, you can tell TI & Tiny are going through something because he is out in the public eye a lot more than usual...He has NEVER been this active on TMZ

146 days ago


Twitter **** form of pretend gangster beef. T.I. Needs to relize that "nothing to fear, means nothing to worry about". If yah ain't guilty, then you shouldnt be worried.
Man I miss Tupac.

146 days ago


Wow. People on this site are so stupid. I love how all of yall calling TI a snitch when there's actual proof he didn't. Community Service + Probation+Crime stoppers+A **** load of money= A relaxed prison sentence. After so long, there is no such thing as a secret snitch anyways. If he was a snitch, he'd been exposed by now.

146 days ago


I swear people on this site are so stupid. I love how yall still think he's a snitch even though there's do***ented proof that he didn't. Probation+Community Service+Crime Stoppers Commercial+A sh!t load of money=A relaxed sentence. Besides after so long, there is no such thing as a secret snitch. If T.I. snitched, it would've been made public by now.

146 days ago

jae pettway    

First let say Apollo,, I'm appalled of you,,How is it THAT YOU Implying OtherPeopleinyourMESS,,,ANDusingtheirpastagainstTHEM,,,whoa!!!!!!! I reallylikedYOU Witphaedra,,,feellikeSHELOVEYOUand tookchance,,,,

146 days ago
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