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Wu-Tang Affiliated Rapper

I Cut Off My Penis Because of My Kids

5/10/2014 10:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0510-christ-bearer-tmz-01Christ Bearer is finally breaking his silence about why he cut off his penis before jumping out a window ... telling TMZ it was depression over not being able to see his daughters that drove him to commit the insane act.

Oh, and he also got his penis back. We'll get to that later ...

C.B. -- part of the Wu-Tang affiliate Killa Beez -- tells TMZ that night last month was a rough one for him. He says he was feeling super alone ... unable to see his two daughters because of restraining orders and a third child on the way. 

C.B. tells us he started to smoke weed and read a book about monks and vasectomies. C.B. says it felt like his world was collapsing, and with the thoughts of kids and vasectomies in his head ... he decided to take matters into his own hands. Clearly, it did not turn out well.

But there was a happy ending. C.B. says plastic surgeons were able to reattach his manhood and he has regained full functionality ... though he might not be able to have kids. So ... mission accomplished?

As for his future with Wu-Tang, he'd only say, "I am the f***ing Wu Tang."

If you say so.


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*have* not *has*

130 days ago


He was on Pcp laced weed or something else. Weed doesn't make you do that. Also who the fvck wrote this article? They wrote "He took matters into his owns" Don't you mean own hands? Not like it is a long story. They do this all the time. You would think there would be an editor or the writer would read their article twice before posting.

130 days ago


This dude better sign-up for Obama care quickly. Self-vasectomies are not recommended by the American Medical Association.

130 days ago


No bueno!

130 days ago

Sally M    

Reading a book on monks and vasectomies? BS there's no book about that! Did this cuz you have restraining orders...come on. This guy's batsh*t crazy. TMZ you should find out about these restraining orders. Seems like a good idea though, I sure wouldn't want him around my kids in case he gets a notion to cut something off of them!

130 days ago


What a Maroon.

130 days ago


Whatta dumbass...

130 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

@SallyM: You truly enjoy degrading Men?
Truly, your theological prowess is deficient:
The Most Holy Christ King Yeshua -briefly- alludes to some in the Old Testament who,
"...made themselves Eunuchs for The Kingdom of God.."

So next-time you feel the need to degrade a man?
NOW, get back to your corner, and go "make some Money." GET TO STEPPIN'!

The Declaration of 2008
His Royal Highness Prince Michael of
The House of David

130 days ago

its me    

"I am f***ing Wu Tang" thats funny because RZA doesnt seem to think so. He doesnt sound like he wants to be bothered with him. How can you be so arrogant after cutting off your own penis because your lonely...very gangsta

130 days ago


Again people comment with ignorant Shyt mental illness or depression could be a factor in his actions. Unlike some of our paler cousins it's not a reason to be hateful or disengaged again no symphony for someone that's already been stereotyped. #sad

130 days ago


We've all been to a point where all hope is lost.

Where nothing seems to make sense.

I'm glad he survived - that the re-attach is working.

Pray he goes on to even greater things/glory.

We all hurt when things like this happen/are reported.

Praise to TMZ for covering this appropriately.

130 days ago


He'll need to pee through a straw, what a dumb a$$.

130 days ago


Defiantly mental disorder... Who decides to chop there dick off? Unstable but I do feel for him because he wants to see his kids. Women use kids as game pieces to get what they want. Hoes

130 days ago


Maybe he's not telling the whole story and he's a molester. That make more sense to cut off your penis then.

130 days ago


There's never been a situation where I thought amputating my penis was a good idea.

130 days ago
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