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College Basketball Star


Over 'Nasty' Michael Sam Kiss

5/12/2014 7:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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8:13 AM PT -- Henderson is backtracking BIG TIME ... claiming his homophobic tweet was part of a twisted psychology experiment to see how the public would react. Suuuure. 

Henderson wrote, "One of my best friends, WHO IS GAY, is about to graduate in psychology, asked me to say these things so he can have responses."

"The point of his study was to see how people react when others say things or act a certain way against another group of people."

He added, "Sorry for messing with everyone like that!!!  Everyone really helped my boy AND FOR THAT WE ARE EXTREMELY APPRECIATIVE!!!"

Meantime, Ole' Miss is already distancing itself from Henderson -- with Athletic Director Ross Bjork telling us, "I am extremely disappointed and we do not condone the statements made by our former bball player. We believe in respect and dignity for all."

"We use significant resources to educate our student-athletes about respect and dignity for all people and unfortunately not everyone gets it."

Another sports star spitting homophobic venom over Michael Sam -- this time a college basketball star says he's going to boycott ESPN for showing Sam's "sickening" post-Draft kiss.

The man behind the homophobia is Marshall Henderson -- who became famous at Ole' Miss for his outrageous on-the-court antics ... including taunting opposing players, fans and coaches. 

Now, he's going after Sam -- tweeting, "Boycotting sportscenter til this michael sam nasty ass sh*t is off. My brothers are 7 and 11 and saw that!!! #SICKENING."

Henderson's comments come one day after the Miami Dolphins fined safety Don Jones for tweeting "OMG" and "horrible" when ESPN aired the footage of Sam kissing his BF. 

As for Henderson ... he was NOT expected to be selected in the upcoming NBA Draft -- and  we're guessing these comments aren't going to help his stock. For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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Just like everyone else has the freedom to express themselves so does this athlete... I agree there are children watching tv.. not cool.

141 days ago


Who cares! Im pretty sure there are way important things in this world to worry about. Ole Miss said what he said and Michael Sam did what he did. There choice, there life.

141 days ago


I don't want to see this **** either the nfl is not about gays or straight it's about talent & he is GARBAGE .. So what he is openly gay who cars when it comes to the field but don't make it so BIG because he is gay it's like a mockery to the other players that this TERRIBLE athlete got picked just cause he's gay .. It's reverse discrimination

141 days ago


Their choice, their life. Thought id fix that before I get called satanic for using the wrong there.

141 days ago


I would get a lil kiss and a hug or long hug But these modaphuckas made out on live TV .. They acted like they were getting married and cake fighting ... If a straight couple would have done that it would have been called Low class or ghetto or dirty ....

141 days ago


Too busy trying to be a groundbreaker - just get over yourself and your personal life and be a team player. If anything he is hurting this whole, already way to contrived, gay issue.

141 days ago


He's hoping a team will pick him now. I personally believed he like it.

141 days ago


I don't blame Henderson one bit.. It's amazing how if anyone dare speaks their views regarding being gay that a person is crucified.. But then again when it comes to gay people the term Freedom Of Speech does not apply to anyone else if your talking about them. Nothing wrong with being gay but God help humanity if everyone in the world turns gay.. I guess that would mean the extinction of the human race...

141 days ago


Perfect timing to teach his children not to be as ignorant as him..... you never know, his children may fall in love with same sex and he wouldn't like his children to treated this way. GROW UP

141 days ago


It's one thing to be gay ok . But one thing to show homosexuality on tv sexually is wrong !!!!!!! It is not a normal life style !!!!!! Sam should of known better and respected those watching !!!! It's nasty flat out !!! Nobody wants to see that ESP a channel where it's watched by children !!!!!!!

141 days ago


He is right, if folks are living in accordance to the bible you dont have this, young folks are getting mixed signals from tv and elsewhere.stop advertising it.its not the norm.god would not have made the opposite sex had he wanted the same sex kissing.he could've just hugged the that was enough.

141 days ago

boo boo    

What a dummy. If you don't like it, don't look at it. It wasn't a big deal.

141 days ago


whats next pedophile bryan singer and the young boys quartet?

141 days ago


What's say you now, tmz trolls? Another of your heroes bites the dust. When will you bigots realize you've already lost? Keep your poison to yourselves.

141 days ago


That photo was gross….don't need to know, TMI

141 days ago
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