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Paul Walker Crash

Driver's Widow Sues Porsche

5/12/2014 4:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Porsche Paul Walker and Roger Rodas died in was basically death on wheels ... and faulty mechanics caused the tragic crash ... at least that's what Rodas' widow is claiming in a new lawsuit filed against Porsche.

Kristine Rodas filed the lawsuit today ... claiming the Porsche Carrera GT Paul and Roger were driving had a faulty part in the suspension which caused the car to careen out of control. In the papers, she claims Roger tried to keep the car on the road, but could not regain control before hitting a light pole.

In the docs, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court ... Kristine also blames Porsche for the car exploding on impact -- claiming the vehicle lacked a proper "crash cage" and a "racing fuel cell."

According to the docs, the "fuel cell" is common in race cars ... and prevents the fuel from igniting if there's an impact.

Kristine quotes Porsche ... "Carrera GT is as close to a racecar as we will ever get."

She also alleges Porsche ignored multiple fatal crashes that had occurred in the Carrera GT ... and never took steps to warn customers.

Here's the problem ... Kristine never acknowledges Roger was speeding in the car -- in fact, she claims he was only doing 55 mph. Back in March the CHP released its investigation results ... which put the car at somewhere between 80 and 93 MPH.

Kristine's hired Hollywood heavyweight attorney Mark Geragos to take on Porsche. She's suing for negligence, wrongful death and product liability.


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Don't close the case just yet people, remember a woman actually won and got money because her cup of hot coffee was hot...remember that little jewel at McDonald's?

127 days ago


Porsche should sue her estate for the cost of the car!!

127 days ago


When is the world going to take responsibility for their own actions? What a stupid b*tch.

127 days ago


I saw a video not long after this accident happened. A Porsche owner took a reporter for a ride in the same model car. He also said that the car was difficult to manage and he had to keep focused on it all the time he drove it. I believe there is a case for this woman.

127 days ago


She ought to be sued for filing a frivilous lawsuit. The driver of the car was 100% at fault for the accident.....not Porsche.

127 days ago


Paul Walker was stupid because he - 1) let his friend drive and speed recklessly and - 2) married a woman with no common sense.
R.I.P. Paul.

127 days ago


Porsche has pulled a muscle laughing at this news

127 days ago


This lawsuit makes absolutely no sense until I read the key word..................



GERAGOS. Can't wait for Karma to take care of him.

127 days ago


Walkers daughter should be suing her husbands as estate for killing her father.

127 days ago


Greedy b1tch. Paul Walker's family should be suing Roger Rodas' estate because the fault was entirely Rodas'.

127 days ago


It's never black and white. In this case it would be easy to say Rodas was speeding and fault him for that, however, if he is a race car driver and buys a car with the intention of racing, I would think that would be a whole other story. Race car driving is a respected sport and like any other sport involves specialty equipment for safety etc. If Rodas was sold a car in which claims were made by the manufacturer that the car had extra safety features for racing, then that would lead a person who races to believe that they were safe at higher speeds with winding roads. Rodas would have expected the car to drive a certain way. He may not have made the decision on that day to speed on that road if he believed the car was not made to handle the speed or the turns. Does the manufacturer sell the car as being safe at high speeds with quick maneuverability? I would think that would be the key to this. Was Rodas an established race car driver? At the very least Rodas deserved a hefty speeding and reckless driving ticket. He did not deserve to die, taking his friend with him.

127 days ago

Harry Knapp    

This car is notorious. We crashed two of these cars on the set of REDLINE with professional drivers behind the wheel. I saw this car actually fly off the road into rocks outside Vegas.

127 days ago


Im suing the treadmill companies too. I turn it on and use it but I'm still deathly fat. Must be the machine...Rosie Odonnell vox

127 days ago


I think the celebrity lifestyle causes celebs to think that they are invincible and immortal. They take chances with their lives, thinking that it will all come out the way it does in the movies. With all the money that Paul Walker had, it is a wonder that he would get into a car that was substandard and allow a friend to take his life into his hands. He had so much to lose. We all had so much to lose in his death. He was a wonderful actor and human being. If was a senseless death that did not need to happen had a little common sense been used. I hope you are in a better place, Paul. I don't know, it seemed that life was pretty sweet for you down here!

127 days ago


did you hear the joke that starts out: A couple of drunks get in a car.....

127 days ago
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