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Michael Jackson

MJ Estate Slams New Molestation Claim

5/13/2014 5:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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10:00 A.M. PDT -- Howard Weitzman -- attorney for Jackson's estate -- tells TMZ Safechuck has denied many times over the past 25 years that Michael ever did anything inappropriate to him ... but is "now demanding money from Michael's Estate by claiming he suddenly recalls life differently."  Weitzman says Michael is no longer able to defend himself, but "we believe these false and scurrilous allegations will not prevail."
A new sexual molestation claim has been filed against the estate of Michael Jackson by a man who claims the singer sexually abused him from the time he was 10 until he was around 15 ... this according to a new report. 

This latest claim was added on to the lawsuit filed by Wade Robson last year, so says The Daily Beast. The filing is sealed, but the site reports the claims are being made by James Safechuck, who appeared as a child alongside Jackson in a 1987 commercial for Pepsi (see below). 

According to the report, Safechuck had long denied being sexually abused by Jackson, but decided to come forward after Robson made his claims public.

There were rumors about Jackson's relationship with Safechuck in the late 80s ... the singer was often seen with the young boy following their commercial together ... including the opening performance of "The Phantom of the Opera" with Liza Minnelli (see above).

The Estate has already objected to Robson's claim because it was both suspicious and filed too late.


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Fine. Provide proof and then we will talk until then take your fantasies elsewhere.

129 days ago


I wonder howw the hell he hsd time to become the greatest entertainer of all time, when according to you ppl he spent all his time ****ing other ppl's kids. You all just sound stupid

129 days ago

(ಠ_ಠ) Jacko The Pretty Little Shemale ( . ) ( . )    

Creepy - Creepy - Creepy
Little Wacko

129 days ago


On the same day as the new Michael album is released? Can't you even TRY to look legit Robson et al?

Never remembered before in 25-30 years, but now that he is dead you think the extortion will be easier than the others??? That the estate will roll because of the bad press?

Time to crawl out from under that rock, won't cash in the generosity Mike showed you..No One believes you, why the story will fizzle out in a New York minute...shame on you. You act as if your behavior has no consequences. Of course it does! Eat well and be happy...when this life is over there will be Hell to pay!

129 days ago


Jeez.... the rest of the world would not be attracted to the children they slept in the same bed with either!! Most people can sleep in a bed with a child without getting aroused!!! Has anyone ever thought of that? Also, we KNOW Michael had many girlfriends and lots of 'relations'....he was very private and quiet about it!!!! Why did he hang with kids?? Easy! He wanted to provide the love and safety to them he never had. Ironic he is accused of doing the opposite....and 20+ years later still not a single valid accusation. Only money grubbers....and they are getting more and more obvious...though they always his ex-employees. Anyway, the kids were sick and underprivelaged and Michael was their hero....he loved to heal them and give them hope and special times...he trusted children more than adults...and rightfully so. Everything Michael did made sense and was PURE LOVE. Something this world could not grasp for the most part until he was gone. Now, almost EVERYONE knows the truth that has been out in black and white for decades. It is all so obvious if you spend about 15 minutes looking into it!

129 days ago


I pledge allegiance to the flag,
Michael Jackson is a F A G
Pepsi Cola burnt him up,
Now he's drinking 7-Up!!!


129 days ago


I have to say MJ comes off as a weirdo with his pet chimp, amusement park and little boy sleepovers. It would be incredibly hard to fight MJs legal team, money speaks loudly. I pray for the kids sake that this is all false, however it would not shock me if he had in fact molested them.

128 days ago


'm not surprised at all that more will come forward NOT because MJ was a pedophile but because it's the domino effect of how easy it is to say "MJ molested me" . "MJ molested me" = $$$.

MJ is dead and cannot defend himself.
Wasn't MJ's Xscape album realeased the day after this scoop was brought up by Diane Dimond (via her Daily Beast article, dated May12)?

I feel there's a group behind putting MJ's legacy down by offering $$$ on any child that MJ were friends with. And that any child who's now a grown-up are also hoping that more $$$ wil l easily be gained.

Esp. that this is an "airtight" file case, why and how on earth did Diane Dimond get information of this - and she was the FIRST one to report about it.

Diane Dimond was part of the group behind the 1993 and 2005 molestation charges. There's a back story behind how desperate she was to get a child to say that MJ molested him.

The more molestation charges are out, the more it's sounding like a joke. Hey, how easy is it now to say "MJ molested me"?

This Safechick actually worked for MJ while he was narried to Lisa Marie Presley (guy holding umbrella for MJ during History video-making in Bidapest).

Damn, anyone who was a friend of MJ with a photographic evidence can say "he molested me". Boohoo

128 days ago



128 days ago


Im furious how dare this hater say such a lie the day a new mj album is released

128 days ago


I agree 100% with Mr. Weitzman. Why?

1. Robson steadfastly maintained MJ never did anything improper.

2. Robson, the alleged "esteemed" choreographer, wanted a job choreographing an MJ show; Robson was passed over and not chosen.

3. Robson waited several decades before bringing a lawsuit.

4. Robson did NOT bring the lawsuit while MJ was alive; he did NOT bring the lawsuit right after MJ died in DEBT.

5. Robson brought his lawsuit when MJ's estate had paid off his debts and was in the black.

5. Robson intially stated he had "just learned" about being abused by MJ because it was a repressed memory.

6. When it was pointed out that many alleged "repressed" memories are usually "implanted" or false memories; Robson said that he suddenly "remembered" everything with crystal clarity.

7. Robson, as is Safechuck, is suing the estate for MONEY.

8. Wonder what Robson and Safechuck's finances look like.

9. The above regarding time passing also applied to Safechuck.

10. Playing Devil's Advocate, let's say MJ was a perv, then why aren't these men suing THEIR OWN PARENTS for pandering them to a pervert? Oh, yeah! Their parents don't have a gazillion dollars.

11. Speaking of parents, where were these men's parents during these occurrences?

12. Regarding Safechuck, where were his parents when "MJ made him stay out of school"?

13. I knew someone whose child was injured at daycare. Though the police investigating found her innocent as did the CPS, the ruling judge still found this woman GUILTY of placing her child in that school.

14. Why aren't Robson and Safechuck's parents being accused of putting their sons in jeopardy by actively pursuing MJ when their sons were in their care? At the time of their alleged involvement with MJ, they were minors and under the care and supervision of their own parents.

15. Why are these types of stories always aired right before MJ has something good and positive happening i.e., it happened when the Cirque show was announced and it happened the day before the release of Xscape.

16. Why is the foundational story one written by Diane Dimond, a person who has vowed to destroy MJ?

17. Why did these men wait until MJ was no longer here and able to defend himself?

18. There are so many holes in both of these men's stories, that you could drive a mac truck through them.

128 days ago


Who is that bLack guy holding that kid's hand?

128 days ago

Friend of Heathers    

Wow, if you read the molestation lawsuit filed against Jackson in 2004 it will shock you. There are 8 different accusers who are all now grown men, who were all seen being molested by so many different people who worked at Neverland. Maids, cooks, security guards, etc. all accidentally observed Jackson giving an 11 yr. old boy oral sex, or in bed with the kid, or in the shower with the kids. It is truly sickening, he was a bad man. I hope McCauley Culkin comes forward and admits he molested him too as he's the last holdout of the group to admit he too was molested.

128 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

It's funny, every boy fits the same profile?
Where are the girls?
Why do the boys fall out of favor around the time they hit puberty?
Why so many boys?

Michael Jackson = Monster

117 days ago


"... He suddenly recalls life differently..." It might not be fair to say this 36-yr-old man was lying, but it is also not fair for someone or anyone to recall his/her own life in a completely different way. From standing forward saying MJ didn't do anything inappropriate to him for over 20 yrs, jumped to all these... Sorry, its not realistic nor making any sense to me.

46 days ago
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