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V. Stiviano

VIDEO PROOF ... Ferrari Accident Wasn't Her Fault

5/13/2014 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

V. Stiviano CrashV. Stiviano has made plenty of mistakes in her life ... but slamming her red Ferrari into the back of a Range Rover this week wasn't one of them -- and TMZ has the video to prove it.

We broke the story ... Stiviano was involved in a fender bender in Beverly Hills Monday afternoon ... and went OFF on the other driver, cussing her out and shouting things like, "You know who you're messing with, motherf*****?"

The other driver told us Stiviano was at fault -- failing to stop as she pulled her Ferrari into a parking lot and slamming into the back of the other driver's Range Rover -- but the video tells a much different story.

In the clip, you can clearly see the Range Rover is actually the one responsible -- REVERSING INTO Stiviano ... and tapping her front fender.

If only Donald Sterling got that much action.


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This is why women shouldn't drive

131 days ago

What the?!?    

I don't know if it was the camera angle or maybe the sun but it sure didn't look like the Range Rover's brake lights came on any of the times it stopped.

131 days ago

jeebus chris    

Technically, she should have waited for the SUV to get completely out of the entrance way before she started her own turn, but realistically, nobody does that. To her and probably anyone else in the same position, the SUV driver had committed to the turn and there was no reason to expect them to suddenly stop and back up. SUV driver's fault.

131 days ago


This girl is such a useless nuisance, it's not even funny

131 days ago


Actually, you guys are wrong about the double line... one of the most common misconceptions:

An operator may not drive on the left side of the roadway in a no-passing zone or on the left side of any pavement striping designed to mark a no-passing zone. This subsection does not prohibit a driver from crossing pavement striping, or the center line in a no-passing zone marked by signs only, to make a left turn into or out of an alley or private road or driveway.

There is an exception to the left-turn-over-double-yellow-lines rule: if there are two sets of double-yellow lines, you may not cross over at all, including for left turns. These are areas that are considered to be "flush islands", meaning they have the same purpose and function as a physical traffic island and are legally enforceable as such. Many times these areas will also have diagonal hash markings emphasizing that they're off-limits.

131 days ago


Stupid b I t c h ! Who pull into a parking lot then backs out without looking . V maybe a gold digging hoe but this was not her fault !!!

131 days ago


It's called assured clear distance....the tranny did not provide enough room behind the SUV, it is at fault. It's the same as if you're behind someone with a manual at a stop on a hill and they roll back when they go to move and they hit your car...the car behind is at fault. Now stop talking about the gold digging transvestite.

131 days ago


WHo cares, just look at that face. UGH. Who the hell would want to screw a dead eyed plastic goblin?

131 days ago

Ace DeRosa    

Do you people know what a double yellow line means? I mean, I assume you have passed the driving test and are in possession of a valid driver license. Let me refresh your feeble minds: a double yellow line means that you cannot cross it. You can't make a turn across a double yellow line, you ****ing idiots. Have you noticed where some of these lines are painted? Like, right after an intersection and do you know why they are painted right after an intersection? Because if you try to turn there, you are going to block traffic AND the intersection and create a hazard! I see you just sitting there blocking the intersection, completely oblivious to your surroundings. MOVE! The driving test is the ONLY test in this ****ing country where almost 100% of the people pass it. Do you really think that is just a coincidence? NO! It means that every ****ing idiot and simple minded moron can "pass" this test. And it also means that your stupidity is going to interfere with other people's lives. Remember: you can't cross a double yellow line! Be stupid all you want, but when your stupidity impedes my forward motion, then I'm going to hate you. And I do. I hate you.

131 days ago


Where's her welding mask?

131 days ago


isn't that Olivia Munn? lol

131 days ago


By the way... 'ho' is the appropriate spelling if you are referring to a loose woman. A 'hoe' is a gardening tool.

131 days ago


please TMZ, no more photos of this POS without her visor, she is unbelievably unattractive, hard to imagine how she has a hold on anyone, even a stupid old man

131 days ago


why is this n igger driving his car? n iggers can't drive anyway. they f uck up everything they touch. look at what this n igger president has done. f uck everything up. thats right ni ggers ,he's f ucked this country up beyond repair. the WHITE man needs to keep the n iggers in check......

131 days ago


MAN THAT B$TCH IS FUGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

131 days ago
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