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Bieber Accuser


... By Bat Girl

5/14/2014 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber Robbery Accuser
The jig is up for the woman who accused Justin Bieber of attempted robbery this week -- an employee at the L.A. batting cage where the incident occurred tells TMZ, Bieber NEVER tried to rob anyone ... he never even touched the woman.

The Sherman Oaks Castle Park employee called in to "TMZ Live" moments ago, claiming she witnessed the heated exchange Monday night between Bieber and the woman who was taking photos of him.

The employee says the woman was definitely the instigator, being overly aggressive and ignoring security's requests to stop snapping pics. She says Bieber was upset, but never got physical with the woman in any way ... and definitely didn't try to grab her phone.

Sources close to Bieber tell us, the singer lost his cool because the flash kept distracting him while he was trying to bat.

The employee says surveillance video would back her up -- but it's unlikely the security cameras caught what happened ... the incident was too far away.


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vão tudo toma nos seus cuzes

132 days ago


So she called in to talk on TMZ. Did she go to the police first? I'll believe her when she takes a lie detected test.

132 days ago

its me    

I'm sure either her or a family member owns the place. They are doing damage control hoping the little snot (bieber) comes back. The people will stand on line to get in hoping to see bieber act like a FOOL

132 days ago

its me    

he has money he should put batting cages in his yard if he doesnt want to be bothered. drugs make you THINK your invincible. hopefully he will grow up soon, or someone will beat that arrogance out of him

132 days ago


Change the law already. Require celebrity photographers to remain at least 100 yards away, and require them to get permission from the celebrity if theywant to photograph closer than that. It's not rocket science. What are you waiting for, someone to get killed in a raging moment? Stupid Americans.

132 days ago


Newflash TMZ, Bieber still does not have the righ to force anyone to do anything. I can also guarantee you that Bieber DID demand that she delete the pictures, and he probably took her phone, or told his goons to take it. Which is a crime.

He has a long history of doing this, and TMZ knows this.

132 days ago


So now apparently TMZ's sources are people who call into their station claiming to work for the company and claiming that they supposedly saw it.

Yeah right. You know it was one of these pathetic Bieber fans calling in.

132 days ago


How do you know that he didn't pay her off to say that. Money can buy people off and that is one thing he has. He is a loser and would do something like this.

132 days ago


Why do I think some money may have changed hands in this story? Just saying. We all know it happens many times.

132 days ago


Little baby!

132 days ago


Quit giving this guy media time .... he's an idiot

132 days ago


Yeah, fark you guys. I TOLD YOU LAST NIGHT THIS WAS BS. The jealous gotta hate though. Open yourself another bag of chips now. You whine here about it just being "one" witness. BUT you believed "one" witness last night automatically. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

132 days ago


Of course the employees would defend justin. They don't want to lose his business .

132 days ago

Yu Lee    

The so-called "profession" of journalism can simply be summed up as follows, – "they kill with the pen" ----meaning they KILL your reputation by writing with the pen, now its the keyboard in the modern world. In biblical times they were the slanders tailbearers and these gossipers were put to death by stoning!

132 days ago

Yu Lee    

TMZ is pretending to update the story with so-called "evidence" from an employee! But TMZ & Harvey knew from the first moment that it's false and if they didn't, why didn't they first check the facts like every other media are obligated to do? So how do you compensate Justin for deliberately KILLING his reputation with your lies?

132 days ago
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