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Lamar Odom

Nightclub Denial ...

A Shakespearean Tragedy

5/14/2014 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom's rejection at the door of Penthouse nightclub wasn't just humiliating because Khloe Kardashian was inside with French Montana -- it also sucked because reality show cams caught the whole mess. 

Unless LO knew the plot all along??? Hmm ... something wicked this way comes. 



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L. Ron Hubbard -Scientologist    

The Kardashians don't know who Shakespeare is !

127 days ago

Tom Liebengood    

So sick of these useless human beings!

127 days ago


Since I have no idea who French Montana is, I'm going to pretend Khloe was with French Stewart.

127 days ago


Lol its funny why they one takees them serouios

127 days ago


Legit question - Kim don't you, I dunno, have a BABY at home? Shouldn't you maybe be spending time with it rather than hanging out at clubs? It's pretty pathetic when 30 YOs hang out at clubs like they're teens, it's moreso when they have a child who isn't even a year old at home...
Who would've guessed that in this relationship, Kanye would be the better parent?

127 days ago

Carmen D.     

There are articles on the internet saying that Khloe called Lamar to come to the club, and she set him up knowing that the E! cameras were going to be there. So on the show they can say that she is stalking him. I think that story sounds more legit to me in all honestly. French Montana and Khloe have been many places together so if he was trying to confront him he would've done that elsewhere. Im sure Lamar knows how big he messed up so of course she is vulnerable to her advances, and she knows that. She just said that, "it still hurts" mess to set it up and act like she's the victim. Im not buying it! and I will never understand how people don't see how manipulative this family is. They are not dumb and they know how to manipulate people in order to get what they want. No family would become this famous otherwise just by filming their redundant lives for film.

127 days ago


A lot of attention whoring going on with ``so called
celebs lately!!
Hope their fab homes are ALL protected from fires that seem to be popping up!!
Karma ``` is a bitch!!!

127 days ago


Lamar must of known khloe and French was going to be there since it was being advertised on the E, this whole family is f'd up.

127 days ago


If Kanye was out at the club all night Kim would be crying boohoo where my baby daddy. Listen up a young child like that wants their mama!!! What if the baby wakes up at night ? Oh you're so rich you have a nanny? Guess what Kim, nanny ain't mama. She sucks

127 days ago


So after being denied from the club Lamar went home and smoked a rock courtesy of Kris Jenner

127 days ago


He just happens to be going to that club of all clubs.

He just happens to go the night Khloe and French are there.

He just happens to show up at the exact time the E! cameras are there.

The E cameras just happen to be OUTSIDE by the entrance at the exact time he shows up.

Right. "Maybe" it's scripted.

127 days ago


US Weekly is reporting that she invited Lamar to the club - so it was a set-up. She was using him for the cameras.

127 days ago


Another stupid story....

127 days ago

L. Ron Hubbard -Scientologist    

The Kardashians don't know who Shakespeake was. Neither does French "Tickler" Montana!

127 days ago


Chewbacca set him up, it's obvious. All the Kardashian whores do that to their men

127 days ago
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