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Justin Bieber

Sued Over Alleged Subway Beatdown

5/15/2014 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber has just been sued by a photog who claims Bieber's bodyguard locked him in a Subway restaurant and then injured him the night the singer was busted for DUI.

Manuel Munoz claims in a new lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- he was taking pics of Justin as the singer was leaving SET Nightclub in Miami Beach last January ... just minutes before he was popped by cops.

Munoz says Justin's bodyguard was upset about the photos and chased him into a nearby Subway.  Munoz says the bodyguard locked the restaurant door and cornered him in the bathroom, demanding that he delete the photos. 

Munoz says the bodyguard tried to forcibly remove the memory card and then kicked and punched him.  He says the camera was damaged.

Check out Munoz' 911 call ... he says the bodyguard eventually got the memory card.

We got hold of a police report Munoz filed ... and there is a problem.  Munoz never says he was punched or kicked.  It says the bodyguard tripped him, causing him to sustain a "small scratch in his left knee."

The police report also says the 2 haggled in the restroom ... Munoz telling the bodyguard he'd give Bieber the pics for $10K  but the bodyguard drew the line at $5K.

Munoz is suing Bieber and bodyguard Dwayne Patterson for unspecified damages.

Bieber's attorney, Howard Weitzman tells TMZ, "This new lawsuit filed by a paparazzo is yet another shakedown for money. The paparazzo admits that Justin was not present at the alleged 'assault.' The paparazzo told the police he had only scratched his knee when he was allegedly tripped, but now claims he was beat up. There are no damages." 


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Pilar Bernsteen de Juarez    

Obama please send this wanna be ******lean to *****ia so they can eat him!

163 days ago


I'm a canadian and I agree deport just not back to Canada just saying he will be a douche bag until he is a homeless wish would have done differently he will be thinking that justin guess what your goal is in life a D lister lmao because you are heading it that way can't wait to see tmz focusing on head lines Justin doyche is living under f f I n bridge yes bad for me to say but that is where he is heading

163 days ago


P.s. Your 12 year old fans will grow up and move on just saying there goes your millions bye bye for you douche bag

163 days ago


Look at this pic. I've slept with more manly looking women than him and I don't like them butch!! Swear he's a lesbo. Just sayin'....

163 days ago


As long as Bieber throws a sissy fit for having his pic taken, the more the paps will shake him down. Both sides are feeding off each other. If Bieber doesn't like it then he should wear a disguise like other celebrities and leave his bodyguards at home.

163 days ago



163 days ago


Can he stop being himself, and instead act polite, nice and respectful; so, that TMZ doesn't report on him anymore? These stories whether valid or not, are so annoying. Harvey stop shoving the Beaver down my throat, and the Jenners And Kraptrashians. I want to enjoy one day of gossip w/out this beaver popping from my screen. Thanks in advance.

163 days ago


Put a wig on thats a chick.

163 days ago

Yu Lee    

"They KILL with the Pen" that's the pathetic life of a journalist, they love character assassinations!

163 days ago

Yu Lee    

If Munoz doesn't want to get beaten up again, why does he continue stalking harassing and provoking celebrities ??? When will the government outlaw these cowboys?

163 days ago

No name    

How about we leave the poor guy alone...imagine if this was you? I would ftko, too!!

163 days ago


Is that tool wearing a woman's Infinity scarf?

163 days ago

She's baaaack    

Oh okay, this makes perfect sense. The goon chases the guy *into* a Subway, then somehow locks the door from the inside when no employees are watching.

163 days ago


Smh he stays getting away with stuff but let it have been Chris Brown he's gonna be locked up, not saying Chris is an angel

162 days ago


If it's "just another shakedown by [a paparazzo]" then maybe the little thug should stop attacking people. If he wants privacy, he can pay to be there by himself; he can afford it.

Funny how he doesn't mention that the reason he's doing this is to extort the agencies he gives his publicity to so they have to pay rights for "exclusives." Hypocrite.

162 days ago
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