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Michael Jackson Hologram

Lawsuit Threatens Billboard Music Awards Performance

5/16/2014 7:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A hologram performance by Michael Jackson -- the main event at Sunday's Billboard Music Awards -- could be put to sleep before it even hits the stage ... thanks to a last-minute lawsuit.

Alki David -- who says he controls the rights to the hologram technology -- filed suit late Thursday against the Michael Jackson Estate, MJ's production company and Dick Clark Productions ... to stop them from showing a hologram of Michael using David's technology.

According to the suit -- obtained by TMZ -- a life-size, projected 3D image of Michael will showcase a never-before-released Jackson song, "Slave to the Rhythm."

The MJ spectacle is similar to the Tupac Shakur hologram at the 2012 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival ... which David claims was based on the same technology.

David says if Billboard goes ahead with the Jackson performance Sunday ... it will destroy his plans for a similar, high-profile holographic MJ performance. He wants a judge to stop it ... STAT.

Howard Weitzman, the lawyer for the MJ Estate, tells TMZ, "This is another Alki David stunt, no different than his claiming that Brandon Howard was Michael Jackson's son.  It is ludicrous ... and the show goes on."



No Avatar

K South West    

Only white people who lick their dogs faces would obsess over michael jackson to this extreme

163 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Now, the real question begs:
Will the children be safe?

Craigslist/NYC/Rant and Rave Section
"The House of David:
The Coming, Week"

163 days ago


Who cares what he wants! Is he that stupid? Yes he owns the technology, but I doubt he has the right to tell them what they can use it for anyway. Even if he can, he has no right to use any of MJ' s footage without the estates permission. So you can guarantee that if he is successful in his suit, which I doubt. MJ' s estate will go to court barring him from using any footage. BTW, I am sure his fans would be against this idiot & wouldn't go to that show.

163 days ago


Hooray, Michael Jackson the molester will perform once again. I always wondered why the entertainment industry continued to give this sicko props. Now, with the news coming out about these movie moguls and their orgies with young boys, it becomes clear. Hollywood and the entertainment industry are truly the playgrounds for some very perverted and disturbed individuals. Michael Jackson and his molestation of young boys was covered up by the music industry and even the LAPD for years, until a young boy finally went public with his accusations against MJ. People talk about the porn industry being sleazy, but it doesn't even come close to the "legitimate" entertainment industry and the sickos and perverts who run it. Maybe dead MJ and Bryan Singer will sing a duet of "The Boy Is Mine".

163 days ago


Why does Harvey keep this guy in the News? Are you an investor or something in his stupid projects?

163 days ago


i hope he gonna show up alive , omg all would be shocked.

163 days ago


Quick, somebody file a lawsuit to keep dead performers dead. Enough already.

163 days ago

oh really     

Rest in Peace Michael..Used by hundreds, but missed by millions

163 days ago

Eric in L.A.    

It is not a true 3-D Hologram. It us just a 2-D projection that can on by viewed from one angle. Not impressed.

163 days ago

oh really     

It is really amazing , the total clusterf@ck of people climbing all over each other, to sue MJ dead or alive for money
Most , if not all, of these people would probably whore their own Mother for a buck

163 days ago


I really dont care if I see MJ or not.

163 days ago


These hologram performances are dumb. Who cares if the performance is scrapped?! The people are dead (Tupac and MJ), leave them in peace.

163 days ago


?? Michael Who ??

163 days ago


It's really sad anything positive associated with mj s name there are people just waiting around to tear his name down all over again. His new album comes out and suddenly some guy suddenly remembers he was molested. Now the billboard awards want to have a tribute for mj and now alki David is now trying to stop it. These people will stop at nothing to tarnish mj name.they are parasites.

163 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

I won't watch anyway because there is no good music out there anyway, but it seems creepy. You all can watch the rappers and Miley and the hologram for me

163 days ago
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