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Deryck Whibley

Alive But Wasting Away in First Pic

Since Near-Death Experience

5/19/2014 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley is a shell of himself -- looking shockingly frail today as he leaned on others for support ... days after admitting he nearly died from years of hardcore drinking. 

Deryck had to be held up by two women during a walk in Los Angeles.

On Friday, Deryck revealed he'd been laid up in a hospital bed for a month, and confessed on his blog... "the reason i got so sick is from all the hard boozing i’ve been doing over the years. it finally caught up to me."

Deryck says his liver and kidneys collapsed, and docs have told him if he has one drink he will die.

The damage is obvious when you remember how Deryck looked in his heyday with Avril Lavigne. 



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Sad. Hope he's able to turn it around...

125 days ago


He looks like golum

125 days ago


Wow!! That is really sad.

125 days ago


Hope he's getting alimony from Avril, since losing her to the guy from Nickleback probably sent that drinking over the edge.

125 days ago


Shocking😱 wtf!

125 days ago


tbh it just looks like he hasnt had much sleep..those bags under his eyes...but this is my thing we keep seeing the government crack down on cigs..meanwhile alcohol is just as bad yet we hear crickets on it..i guess it is because those big shots love to throw down booze and party

125 days ago


Thats just heartbreaking. Good energies to you man..hope you find peace.

125 days ago


Sad waste of life. Hopefully he'll give everything he has to this second chance. And on a side note, how the hell is Charlie Sheen still alive??

125 days ago


He has a drug history too, and it sure looks from this pic that he may have relapsed. His face is covered in sores and he's aged himself a couple of decades. Not than alcohol abuse can't have major physical effects, but I think he's been doing more than boozing.

125 days ago

bring back recent posts    

You can see his distended stomach with a enlarged liver and probably ascitites .... He will never get back his scarred liver, but enough is there for him to live since he got treatment in the nick of time...and YES , anymore alcohol will push him over and he will not recover. Multiple organ failure will be in his future many decades before it should be. I wish him the best and think he should kick back find healthy environments and feel blessed he is still alive. Going back to work will kill him. Good luck friend!

125 days ago


Well WTF this dude drank, needs to be off the market asap!!! By the way...........HTH is he? Anyway, he must have boozed as a toddler. DAYUM!!!!!

125 days ago


I have known several people over the years that this has happened to (I'm old). Some have lived through it, some haven't. It usually happens to alcoholics who are drinking large amounts of alcohol day after day after day. They poison their system to the point their internal organs start shutting down. Or they develop alcoholic hepatitis and their liver shuts down. Sometimes a liver shutdown will trigger a kidney shutdown which will then trigger a lungs shutdown and then cardiac arrest. My cousin was in the hospital for two months for this after a week on life support. A good friend of mine didn't make it off life support. He was too bad off. No hope. They had to disconnect him. It happens all the freaking time. It can happen to people who are not alcoholics, also, who just have way too much to drink at once.

125 days ago


Yep. He's looking a lil jaundiced there. You can sure tell the difference between pics.

125 days ago


She should not be marrying someone who is deep into his addiction. She's most likely unhealthy too.
Addicts are not allowed to be in any relationship during their 1st year of sobriety.
Every time they lose their sobriety, the 1 year without a relationship starts over again.

125 days ago


Wow he is only 34, I hope he makes it. It doesn't look good though.

125 days ago
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