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Michael Lohan

Lindsay Was Bait for Fake Biz Deals

... Claims Investor

5/21/2014 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

5020-michael-lohan-tmz-02Michael Lohan scammed a 20-year-old guy out of $50,000 by using Lindsay Lohan to lure him into dumping money into two phony businesses ... so says the guy, who's now suing Michael.

According to court docs obtained by TMZ ... Jason Squatriglia claims Lohan convinced him to sink the $50K into a new cleaning product and a reality TV show called "Racing With the Stars."

Shocker ... neither project ever took off, according to the suit.

Squatriglia told the NYPost ... Michael loved to talk about Lindsay's career as a "big movie star" -- and dangled it to convince Jason it was safe to invest even more dough.  

In the suit, Squatriglia claims MiLo took his cash and ran -- he's gotten ZERO back on the investment. He's suing to get back the 50 grand, plus $500K in damages.

Michael tells TMZ he never introduced Lindsay to Jason or insinuated she would be involved in their dealings -- and he's adamant ... he doesn't owe squat to Mr. Squat.


No Avatar


Jason you are idiot to Michael Lohan a dime and deserve to lose all your money you putz. What a sucker. Nice work Michael!

152 days ago

Wise Guy    

Jesus Christ, you internet scammers are relentless

152 days ago


A 20 year-old kid with $50K to invest = The Lohan Family Drug Dealer

152 days ago


Anybody stupid enough to give MiLo $50,000. for any reason at all is too stupid to live. P.T Barnum is still right!

152 days ago


Tired of hearing about this loser

152 days ago


You don't get in business with grifters the house never looses

152 days ago


$50K, eh? That is a lot of hummers! Squat could collect from Linds, Aliana, Kate or for sheer volume DWIna!

152 days ago

Good riddance!    

Well DUH! You were dealing with a Lowhan, so of course you got ripped off. What other outcome did you expect to have?

152 days ago

James B    

TMZ: please sort out the spammers. You know my auntie's abuelita makes 25 cholos an hour doing next to nothing but who cares right? Well just to say one word: LOHAN. And if that, right there, doesn't set off a massive red light alarm bell in your last remaining braincell, then you deserve all you get. MiLo must have thought all his Christmases had arrived at once when he met a 20 year old fool with a big cheque book. As for sue-age...... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Bye bye! Mahahahahahahahahahaha. And HA!

152 days ago


why anyone would want to be involved with that stupid ugly useless khunt lindsay lowhore is beyond me

152 days ago


TMZ it would be great if you monitored these comment forums to edit these get rich scammers off this section of your site. It is coming to a point of one big joke. The comment section can be a fun part of the website but now the comment section is being over taken by these idiots.

152 days ago


This Lohan guy is a known con man and anyone giving this guy money is very stupid and you deserve to lose your money. Has Mr. Lohan ever worked a 9-5 honest job? He has made a living off the actions of his daughter. Kind of like the Kardashians Making money where no talent is involved. The Kardashians are more successful at it than this man.

152 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Of course he ripped the kid off. That is what the whole Lohan clan does.

152 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

TMZ ~ Forget Lohan as a scammer, please do something about all these scammers who are posting their fake dating sites, fake work at home schemes, and fake bargain sites. They don't seem to realize no one believes the trash they post. Where is the flag button?

152 days ago


And just like his name, he will get SQUAT

152 days ago
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