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TV Host Bill Cunningham

Sued ... You Hate Muslims!

5/21/2014 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TV talk show host Bill Cunningham doesn't have a shred of common decency -- or a clue about the Constitution -- according to a woman who says he humiliated her over her religion.

Nicole Johnson -- a devout Muslim -- says she attended a February taping of "The Bill Cunningham Show" in NYC wearing a traditional head covering -- a hijab -- as her religion requires.

Johnson claims in a new lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- show employees forced her to leave her front row seat and sit in the cheap seats ... because they didn't like the way her hijab looked.   She also claims she was prohibited from asking a question during the show.

Johnson says she suffered mental anguish and embarrassment.

We've reached out to the show ... so far, no word back.


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Bull crap! That episode happened to air today in NY! She was not sitting "in the cheap seats" (tickets are free!) or hidden from view. As a matter of fact, she was sitting smack dab in the middle of the audience....perhaps 4 rows back.....and she got A LOT of camera time! I came away from watching the show thinking that they PURPOSELY PLACED HER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AUDIENCE SO SHE'D END UP ON CAMERA, IN HER HIJAB, TO SHOW HOW THEY RESPECTED WOMEN WEARING HEAD SCARVES!!!!

125 days ago

Live In Peace    

Jesus Christ! The comments on this thread proves to the world what a bunch of ignorant ****s you Americans are! And you wonder why you're so hated across the globe! Seriously you bunch of fat American dumb ****s need to get off your lazy fat asses and educate yourselves before you spread HATE! And you ****s want the world to think that you lot live in a FREE country where in truth you ****s are the biggest fascist racist ****s on the planet!!! America the land of dumb fat uneducated racist ****s!

125 days ago


The hijab headscarf is based on an offensive, sexist double-standard: women have to hide their hair but men do not. Perhaps we can simply call the hijab headscarf, for short, the "SDS" (Sexist Double Standard).

It's also culturally disrespectful to visually scream your religion to others. If I can tell your religion from a football field away, you've gone too far.

Good job, Bill Cunningham.

125 days ago

Matt m    

Willie your a great American

125 days ago

Muslim Girl    

Wow. Your viewers are as bigoted as Cunningham. I went to his taping in Chicago when it was a pilot episode. He had a 500 lb woman on there that was eating on stage and making a fool of herself. And they were creating the drama in between takes- it was completely fake. I regretted wasted my time- I was just happy to have seen the inside of the WGN studios.

To all you bigots, Islam has 1.6 billion followers and growing. Get used to it.

125 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

You're not in court, you dumb muslim idiot. You don't have some sort of right to be heard. It's a stupid tv show. Go back to your own loser muslim country
and blow something up. America is united in feeling that you and your type are not wanted here. GET OUT! Remember 9/11/2001....

125 days ago


They should of kicked her ass out in the beginning.

125 days ago


Can I sue TMZ for having the world's most incompetent and inept staff?

125 days ago


Sweetie, not everyone can seat in the front seat or are able to ask questions. Deal with it. Maybe it wasn't your outfit, maybe it was your face that wasn't pretty enough, maybe you were acting strange. No matter where you sat or if you were able to ask a question, you wouldn't have been satisfied or liked how your questions was answered. You can't please everybody all of the time. There's always someone who gets mad or sad. .

125 days ago


hijab's are spooky and scary. maybe she should live in her own country

125 days ago


Ok , if that's true then mr ****ingham needs to go and **** him self , & for the many of you who have that much of hate you must be an atheist So go **** your selfs too!
Wearing a hejab is a choice not a force.

125 days ago


Maybe the show topic was "our guests are terrified islamaphobes?"

125 days ago


Where do they go next after America is a war torn country?

125 days ago


Why would she wait until now to sue him if this happened in February? People money hungry !

125 days ago


You put a pork chop on your head and you expect everyone to accept THAT? Wonderful!

125 days ago
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