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Mase's Church

His Wife is a Drunk

... And a Hypocrite

5/22/2014 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper/pastor Mase believes his wife is such an embarrassment to their church, he's banished her from the pulpit ... and it all has to do with hitting the bottle.

Mase is now blocking Twyla Betha from spreading the gospel on their pulpit ... all because she was busted for DUI and pled guilty last month.  She blew a .14 ... nearly twice the legal limit.

Mase apparently thinks drunk driving is blasphemy ... so he told Twyla to get flocked.  And, we're told the church elders and parishioners think Twyla is a hypocrite because she preached that drunkenness is a sin ... which she committed, so they're down with the ban.

Mase filed for divorce in January ... we're told the drunk driving incident was the last straw for him.



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Aren't Christians suppose to be forgiving ? What about drinking wine ( blood of Christ) during service ? Some alcohol is ok but damn them malts !

116 days ago


She's a drunk & he's a rapper. They should both be banished from the pulpit!

116 days ago


Maybe she's not a drunk, she just takes her communion REALLY REALLY seriously.

116 days ago


Mase is a hypocrite 2...she is cute...

116 days ago


Mase is the bigger hypocrite!

116 days ago


A hypocrite calling another hypocrite a hypocrite. How charming.

116 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Seriously. WHERE do I start here?
Church is a "Hospital" - for Sinners.
Now, imagine if you left the "hospital" and
recklessly engaged in the conduct, which originally
caused the injury? Of course, you'd be left in worse
condition than when your FIRST went to the "Hospital"! Still, "THE DOCTOR" is waiting - No appointment, nor money necessary.
Your "payment"?
Merely, "a broken-heart and a contrite spirit".

As I've taught for YEARS: The "Pleasures of The Flesh" are both very powerful and very deceptive. As we become weakened and bound by their effects, we become more and more needful.
Thus willfully becoming slaves, to false and fleeting
physical pleasure. Indeed, in the words of My Blessed
Forefather King Solomon: "You are a slave to anything
that overcomes You."

"Be not deceived: Neither Fornicators, nor Idolaters,
nor Adulterers, nor Homosexuals, nor abusers of themselves with Mankind" - shall be fit for Heaven.
So can others (Read: her "Church") hate Twyla because
-GASP- her sin, is DIFFERENT from THEIRS?!?

So my message today, to ANYONE reading this?
"Remove the LOG from your own eye, before you
worry about the speck in your brother's eye!"
And most of all: REPENT! YOUR Doctor is WAITING
to see YOU!

May 24, marks the sixth-anniversary of one of the
most -CONFIRMED - powerful and impactive do***ents EVER issued. It's nation and World-altering
prophecy, continues in a Divinely-ordained crescendo
- to this very day:
The Declaration of 2008

116 days ago


Forgive and forget isn't what the Bible said?

116 days ago


Money for NOTHING...

116 days ago


Like didn't Mace get caught in the red light zone after hours where drag queens hang out in Atlanta a few years back? If it's true he should be banned from the pulpit for cruising drag queens. The church is full of liars from the pulpit to the back door !!!'

116 days ago


Hypocrite? so is your B.S. church.
Don't forget to drop of 15% of your weekly salary before you leave the house of god.
Churches are full of it!
As Flava Flav said, don't believe the hype

116 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

Look at you. You're beautiful and you're ring to throw it all away for a game you had no business in.

Stop drink all that damn whiskey. You need that much. And don't be questioning faith. You just may have used faith wrongly for a little while or you wouldn't be in that position.

What have you done that you know you shouldn't have done that harmed?

You need to stop being with men for a awhile and get yourself together before you ruin your God given gifts.

And don't start using no damn drugs while you are going through this.

Give Mase some time to get his head together. If possible you two stay away from domestic violence and the courts.

116 days ago


Really...isn't he back to rapping?

116 days ago


Who are these people and why do we care?

116 days ago


Mase is full of ****.... Can't stop bad boy!!!!

116 days ago
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