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Boxer Adrien Broner

Gives $1,000 to Homeless Man

Gets Incredible Reaction

5/23/2014 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Boxing champ Adrien Broner made a homeless man's day ... week ... month ... and probably year -- when he gave the guy $1,000 IN CASH last night ... and the reaction might make you cry. 

The reigning WBA International Super Lightweight noticed the guy panhandling on a street corner ... and with a wad of $100s in his hand, turns to the camera and says "Now this is gonna make his f**king day right here."

He was right ... and when the homeless man didn't think it could be real, Broner gave him a fist pound to prove it was legit.

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It doesn't matter what other people think he will do it with it. He had a job but lost it through no fault of his own. You guys need to stop being jerks about it. Everyone thinks it's so easy to find another job, quit yours and we will see how easy it is. You jerks will need help some day and we will remember what you said. No more attention to the clowns, this man felt true gratefulness and he is NOT a drug user. He likely spent some of the money for a warm meal and a room at a hotel, maybe even a month's rent somewhere. I haven't seen him in a couple of years but, I'm thankful there was someone there who could afford to give him $1,000.

155 days ago

Crycal Lee    

That was a nice gesture!! I wouldnt be so quick to call homeless people bums....we dont know their lives or life story..... think about all the veterans that live on the streets!! What negative comment do you have for them....I really wish people would think before they comment!! Everybody isnt the same so you cant go thru life thinking they are!! Have a damn heart and some compassion. ....we are all human!!! Nobody is perfect!!

155 days ago

Kristal Rodas    

Is that a dried up bloody nose or dirt? Anyway he might have seen this homeless man all the time- not all homeless are heroin addicts and even the ones that are dont wanna be but no one wants to help them! I hope this guy did something right with the money and i hope he pays it back by getting clean. That would be a great happy ending .

155 days ago


Oddly enough... The kids stepdad commented on a post I made and whatta ya know! The kids an addict who has chosen the street life over family. Did you notice the marks on his face? Apparently he gets robbed and beat up a lot on the streets! According to his step dad, the kid was in line at the free store /drop in center just today! No mention was made of the money when the family talked to him. This boxer didn't do anything other than feed this kids habit by giving him money to contribute to his own slow death! I hope this kid doesn't get beat or killed for that money since now that his face was plastered all over the web, all the other homeless and downtown thugs know who he is! That was no kind of gift! Good job Broner. Hope your who feels better!

155 days ago


Hope your EGO feels better that is!

155 days ago


I would love to hear about the update on this young man after him receiving the $1000 dollars.

155 days ago


Thats good

155 days ago

L. Ron Hubbard    

Good for him.

155 days ago


Where do I sign up to get a $1,000 God knows I can use that money so I don't have to get evicted out of my apartment....:( God Bless Him

155 days ago


The most beautiful thing I've seen all week. God has truly blessed him with not only wealth but with a kind enough heart to help s'one in need.

155 days ago


This is the same guy who flushes 20 dollar bills down the toilet because he doesnt like 20's in his stack of 100 dollar bills

155 days ago


tmz001 I hope your kidding right? As hard as I work.smh No matter, I must say this was a kind gesture.

155 days ago

K South West    

Why don't you just direct deposit the money into my account as I am his heroin supplier

155 days ago


The hate is real Why don't some of you attempt at not judging the next human bein for just a moment nobody what a mofo does some of you are just jealous #sad. Hey Broner tell all your rapper friends tip the ****ing drivers and doormen in vegas or don't come to town

155 days ago


Finally one of these rich ass people do what i do although i am only able to give $20 lol...if i had even a quarter of the money that these stars got, i would actually go broke doing stiff like this lol To put a smile on someones face who probably hasnt smiled in so long is a blessing and makes me so happy!

155 days ago
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